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Mid-afternoon is a good time

For grocery shopping

The pharmacists are more relaxed

More people say hello,

Sweetly apologize for guiding

Carts congenially in

Each other’s way

There’s someone close by

With whom to grieve

Products that are missing

And gripe with cordiality

To wonder what is next

For reduction if not elimination

Now, many of the shoppers have white hair

So might be moving slowly, anyway

But are the elderly polite?

Do they have to be,

Is there a law?

Rather it’s relief, I think

Knowing that the bellicose

Have already been or

Will go on later

But we can trust in these

Then there’s the way

The elderly feel deeply

That comes with age

To buffer and affirm

With civility


In the parking lot,

Someone going in

Asked me if I were well

I said Good and you?

He said good,

Which sounds about right

To add some good to goods

Going out, the errantry

Going in


C L Couch



Fruit Display in Supermarket

Photo by gemma on Unsplash

Stillwater, OK, USA