(x = space)



Astronaut Comes Home

(for Scott Kelly, Christa McAuliffe)


Hello, Earth

I had stronger bones

When I left

And now I’m taller

I’ve been watching you

Listening to your song

I’ve also turned the other way

To take in Diana

Hunting without impedance

In the night

We’ve also ticked off satellites

Trying to keep count,

Keep track

Delivered into orbit

The ones that work

The ones that don’t

Spare parts into small,

Perilous payloads

All the detritus

In between

If I could apologize for

An entire planet,

Well, I would

I’m sorry

Nonetheless, the land

And water took me back

After the air had had its way

With us

I’m thankful

Thankful for so many things

All the presidents should

Be brought here

To see the world

Without the lines

We so easily have drawn

That we war over

Move around

Then after sorties

Move back

Truly, sadly artificial

Artificed by us

When there is greater,

Sometimes gruesome need

For all our able hands

And an extraordinary





Hello, Earth

We are home


C L Couch



I’m not sure why I was thinking of astronauts, though I often think of outer space and those who go there.  And with the new school year in the offing, maybe I was thinking it’s a good time for learning about space and space exploration.  I don’t know.  Enjoy.


Photo by Bill Jelen on Unsplash