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There Could Be Light



I have not listened

I have not loved with a loving heart

But with a larcenous heart

Love for sale

I kept it mercenary

And in other matters

I know I’m not rich

I’m not talking about money

But the other ways in which we thieve

Each other

When we’re tempted

When we’re frightened

When the need is so deep

Or so it seems

Could be illness

Could be we make it so


I do not know the path

Before me

Even that there is one

For I have left the way

That had light for

The one walking

In anything like truth


There is no light

I am lost


I have stopped

I cannot move

The lack of light feels like

A weight,

Though that might be delusion

For how can nothing weigh us down?

How did I feel substance

In the light,

Which did not weigh me down?


Well, I’m speaking to you now

There was a spark

Left in my mind

I can’t talk of value with

The one who gave me life

But there is life

Maybe you’ll show me

Speak through one sense

Or all my senses

Correct my course

Give me one

Since I have no direction

And it seems no power

And I have a need

(real need)

To find my light

To find my way


C L Couch



Moody Forest

Photo by Branimir Balogović on Unsplash