(x = space)



dream state


shall I write on a dream?

dreams work out subconscious

so I guess there’s something there

in mine

in my dreams

there have been nightmares

mostly, I hope they’re good

while I’m inside

the world changes in there,


sometimes I know my way

sometimes that’s not an issue

it’s the people I encounter

from the past

from the present

people I do not know

as for color, I don’t know

we’re told we dream in black and white

so if I say that’s yellow

is the truth of it in what I see

or what I’ve convinced myself

I’m seeing?

dreams are strange

I guess I need them

they might have been the first visitations

formless forms given form,

hidden words revealed

all because we sleep

confusions for

an easy price


I’m thinking now

I should have made this formless

or changed the shape many times

or something

as a waking example

but then when I’m awake

like many who dream

and recall anything,

I’m trying to clarify

unlike a scientist

but one to whom

everything had happened


as far as I know,

I’ve never died in dreams

I’ve fallen without an ending

to the fall;

sometimes I’ve fallen and then flown

and, after, felt the use

between my shoulder blades,

the stiffness from the muscles there

that that would be needed

for the use of wings


sometimes I’m frightened, after

most often, I’m sad

sometimes nostalgic

warmth or sometimes hope

worked its way through

the pastiche


I don’t know

how God’s involved in dreams

mine are a mess:

I don’t see how

an angel as an agent

could be talking through them

but we have precedents

in messages of prophecy;

to have a dream with clarity

must be something

as impressive it must be


a contemporary (waking)

source for fear and trembling


c l couch



photo by Tamara Menzi on Unsplash