In light of recent events, J’suis Paris. Y ahora yo soy San Bernardino. Near Duncannon, Pennsylvania. Now in Pakistan (a polio center). And Istanbul. Now Philadelphia. And Israel and Palestine. And Sandy Hook and Nickel Mines. And Columbine. And in the upper Midwest and anywhere that needless death—by our hand or by nature’s—occurs. We are all called to value life, aren’t we? In failure and success, we are.

I guess I should say (I’ll move this to “About,” once I work out how) that everything original here is original with me. I’ve written and posted everything. I might re-post and borrow from others, usually because someone has done something good that I want to acknowledge and promote. But with that exception, all creative text is mine. Copyright, circle-C, all that. Anything not mine I will note as clearly as I may and can. After all, I want you fully to enjoy the good work that others create.