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I am a career educator and writer. I also enjoy the performing arts. Semi-retired due to disability, I live in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania (USA). The main photographs at this site (of the road, of me) were crafted by photographer and friend Debra Danielson, A variety of her work is available for appreciation at

a wintry morning (haiku)

a wintry morning

early in parts for winter

here and say morning



souls are trapped on Earth

not wanting release because

we like the cages



I’ll have Dylan rage

I will fight it ‘til I know

only relent’s left



C L Couch



Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Half Moon Bay Golf Club, Yorkeys Knob, Australia

A Crimson Finch has found a nice perch and does not want to share it!





Well, I’m back

Samwise said something like that

To his family, after seeing Frodo

Off to the west, to a land

That would heal his wound from

Weathertop, at last

Sister’s house, trip to Hawaii

(for them), dog (for me), everyone

Comes back happy,

Motels, driving from coastlands

Into mountains, then the piedmont,

Then I’m home

Back again

To my hobbit-hole two floors above the street


C L Couch



Photo by Airam Dato-on on Unsplash

Blue Ridge Parkway


Eve of Destruction

Eve of Destruction



A little more, maybe we’ll be home

Maybe not a real place

But a place without sharp edges

A place with warmth inside

That will shut out the madness

Lurking, lurking, lurking

Always outside the door


To take hold of us, take us up into the air

Not to the romance of the moon

But where there’s no breathing without

An artificial apparatus


Stay down, stay low

Stay inside

Where everything is fragile

To our many-pounders

But heaven keeps it safe

Everything that matters


C L Couch


Photo by cristian castillo on Unsplash




(Hebrew: קומראן; Arabic: خربة قمران‎ Khirbet Qumran)


In a cave, the scrolls were found

Affirmation, challenges of faith

The treasure in the cave by Aladdin’s invocation

Open sesame

The finding of the way to the center of the

Earth, thanks to Saknussemm

Or the place where Merlin sleeps

I’m sure Nancy Drew must have taken George and Bess

Joe and Frank

Through one of these

Then there are the (real) caves in Kentucky

Still explored, miles uncovered

Many miles remain

While we can walk through what we know


Caves are perfect holds for treasure troves, it seems

For finding bats and other things

That waking life above does not espy so much

Maybe it’s the light inside a darkness

Maybe Qumran is living mystery

And that alone

Changes us


C L Couch



Dan Lundberg – 20110226_West Bank_0578 Qumran, CC BY-SA 2.0,


(name-language notes lifted from Wikipedia)





I have somewhere

A piece of heavy olive drab in care

Wrapped ‘round himself to bear

Grandfather over there


C L Couch



Florida Memory – Unidentified WWI soldier, Public Domain,


Fourth Protocol

Fourth Protocol

(counting commandments from Exodus 20:3)


Remember the sabbath

Whenever you remember it

Some can’t have it on a Sunday

Some will have it on a Friday

Some will let it change according to

Third shift

Or when the sirens scream


If it shifts

If it is the same

Whenever it must be

According to the current schedule

It is a time


(even if it weren’t directed)

For if God must rest

So much more

Must we


C L Couch



Photo by Yunming Wang on Unsplash


Dialogue with Demons

Dialogue with Demons


I imagine sitting beneath

Pale columns

Fronting an ancient building

Awaiting wisdom

From ghosts

Who will come near me

Bearing questions


C L Couch



Photo by Micheile Henderson @micheile010 // Visual Stories [nl] on Unsplash


Make No Mistake

Make No Mistake


We (whoever) call

God’s love (three syllables)

Agape (since there is a

two-syllable word, meaning


A love that is perfected in creation

And sacrifice


So much God could have done instead

But made all this instead

We might wonder from the pit

Why bother?

Where there is evil,

And even on a good day there are


And if God can make whatever

Or whomever, why not

In fact make puppets?

Then we wouldn’t screw up so much

We wouldn’t even own our strings

No chance to break them

Or the world, a periaktos

Upon which we’d perform

Rotating scenes, awaiting the mechane

Deus ex machina

To fix anything, though nothing

Would go wrong


C L Couch



Photo by Umut YILMAN on Unsplash

İstanbul, Turkey


God Is a, Sí, Dog

God Is a, Sí, Dog


God keep Schnitzel the

old poodle while he’s here

(the dog, that is).  He had

a brother who went first

and not so long ago.  Way

back when, the poodle jumped

out of the enclosure, too, and

so my sister took both dogs.

Weiner and Schnitzel (my

brother-in-law’s a chef who’s

funny, the kind of guy who

makes friends waiting for the

cashier in the store).  Old

Poodle’s had a good life,

I think, with a home and sunshine

when he wanted it.  Both dogs

used to sleep like Yin and

Yang ‘til they outgrew the beds.

Now Yin must wait for Yang

when all the dogs will play on

heaven’s lawn, fed and watered



C L Couch



Photo by Joe Caione on Unsplash


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