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Q is for Quing

(pronounced as the male monarch’s name)

Q is for Quing


Lately, I’ve been wondering

If women can’t be kings

Not that queen isn’t a good word

It’s fine


But for many, it rudely matters that

The queen is not the king


We’ve had women working as kings

King Elizabeth the First

King Victoria

And if Pope Joan’s and Nefertiti’s

Reigns are believed,

They ruled as kings in their

Respective cultures


If queens don’t want to be kings

I understand

After all, kings actual, though

Royal, too often do not take well

To scrutiny


But overall I’d like to say

Hail, King Elizabeth

Hail, King Zenobia

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P is for Petrarchan Sonnet

P is for Petrarchan Sonnet

(Petrarch’s writing signaled the Renaissance)


So when I love with all I am alive

Then we are introduced as I and you

Therewith you ask me ever to be true

We press out feeling into a heart-hive

And thus you try to make it all survive

A mystery of evidence, a clue

To why you need me to pledge us anew

And wonder why we can’t in peace now thrive


It’s fear, I guess, and I can understand

When all is eye that cannot see around

That life before is ever in command

Until fear leaves in grace might love abound

So, love, let love become a golden band

A flex of give and strength to fright astound



[A] sonnet form popularized by Petrarch, consisting of an octave with the rhyme scheme abbaabba and of a sestet with one of several rhyme schemes, as cdecde or cdcdcd.

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O is for Ocarina

O is for Ocarina


I played one once

In school

I liked the sound it made

More than the flutophone


And then I saw the

Oscar Mayer truck

And it all jumbled in

My brain


Ocarina on wheels is what

The hot-dog-mobile

Looked like

Well, as long I don’t add


Mustard to the instrument

Whose true child-sound

I enjoy and wonder where

It got to

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N is for None (Prayer)

N is for None (Prayer)


Antique for afternoon, partitioned prayer

Often over memory—petition, supplication

In none lines I pray for you, intercessory

Neighbors who are fighting, maybe more

Friends who are generous and persevere

Family that grows in number, challenges


You who take part here to have your days

Maybe none is for infinite, three by three

And on, asking-prayers, loving perpetually

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form that serves itselF

like bureaucracy that’s lost its waY

calculation and summatioN

records of everythinG

charts everything but coursE

never showing us the waY

has credibility for the shape it iS

and because it works more efficiently than uS


We pioneer

We tear the paper edges even on waterproof paper

We feel the wind and rain

Spear through our layers of cotton, wool, and stronger new-made stuff

We are sturdy stuff

We try

We try again


the machine doesn’t threateN

but it is an alien thinG

We are not made of catalogued parts

Rather creator’s compass

It may know

To us it’s brave chaos

Risk in the unknown


machine doesn’t feaR

In wind that incites

We don’t fear


To us it is all vague before we explore

Shapeless and clock-incalculable

To which we’ll add

what gear-efficiency cannoT


Purpose enough

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L is for Lyric

L is for Lyric


Will you sing with me?

If I start,

If you start,

Shall we sing together?


The earth spins off harmony,

A jubilance of sparks—


In the mind


Our words become song

And, while orbiting,

An invitation:


Into our creating cups,


Liquid inspiration


Not for drinking but for


Music becoming

Current  in the cosmos

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K is for Kalliope

K is for Kalliope


Transliterated from old Greek,

Eldest and leader of the Muse

Sisters, Muse of song and

Public articulation—in other

Words, speech-delivery


She had a son, an artful maker,

Too—he was killed; and his

Mother took his remains to

Enshrine them on Lesbos, an

Ancient isle, which we might

Visit today


Were she to sing in our

Parlance and with our take

On life’s matters:


I inspire your song and speech

And go unrecognized


Most no longer believe that

Mortal skills come from a sacred



I might sing again, though first

Would be the labor in mourning

For all I have lost


My boy, who was murdered

For envy or rage (I care not

Which) and whose grave

Molders in an island pit bereft

Of laurel leaves


Orpheus, as well my son,

Whose sanctioned journey into

Hell yet lost him his wife in

Petty business of Hades and

The underworld’s rule (I

Respect them not)—his life was

Left to sorrow like mine


And your interest? Why would

Gods matter to you?  All

Divinity is mitigated in belief,

Mostly unexpressed, that you

Shall save yourselves—




You will need us, still

J is for June-Song

J is for June-Song



A tune for June

The moon, a spoon

A child, mild

A child, wild

Summer’s tressed

Please, child blessed

I is for Imagining

I is for Imagining


(I know, I said brevity in

form; at least the lines

are short)


Relevant elegance

Can you imagine?

Like a poet in a tuxedo

Exchanging arctic jibes

Because the penguin

Believes the poet

Is related (and

Antarctic creatures

Always make fun

Of those from the

Warm stove top that

Is the distant North


Innovation intonation

Can you imagine?

Like a singer inventing

A new octave for

A new kind of song


Everyone might hear

No one will understand

But, known or not,

The singer sings on


Abnegation imagination

Can you fathom?

Like a magician who

Returns things to the

Top hat, until the rabbit

Says, “Too much!”


As Dorothy Sayers

Might say, if toucan

Imagine, you can, too


If two can imagine,

You can, too


(Sayers is known for co-creating

Guinness ads in the 1930s,

making rounds again, as all

good things like good drinks do)

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