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Easter Saturday 2017

Easter Saturday 2017


Grey house near a sodden hilltop

Under a sky of ashes

We all live there from time to time

One by one


Our own Golgotha

Gehenna, Calvary


Our own ordinary crucifixions

Bereft of hope

And faith

Waiting for life


C L Couch


Choose the Day

Choose the Day


I write about the world I haven’t seen

What else is there to do


Places in photographs and other images

Bits of sound that cannot spark a memory

But will become a recollection

A safe recalling of details


But if I don’t take in the world this way

And stultify my senses

What good


Is all the patter in my head

The galloping the heart takes

The state of caring for unknown


Sibling places of my own

The people I am

One of

In striving above the rim

Of need

That cries and presses

Issues that are real


Eschewing abstract

I care as if I know

You, too


We are species-creatures, after all

Created with a will

To have overwhelm compunction to go through it


Each of us, our discrete ways

To manage each cosmos

Of consequences


All of which to say, it happens

Over the China Sea, I

Breathe it here

The cyclone ruinous in northern Australia

Abandons me as well


You see me in another room

We add dimension

We have

The future of each other


Hazelnut or a grain of sand—the

Molecule metaphor of

Julian or Blake

The making of a world we can contain

Not to box the heart

But render viable the sanity

Of conviction in the worldly act

Perception’s generosity

Minds alert


We act


C L Couch




(for Cameron on World Down Syndrome Day)


we dream, stand up

we sense the world around us

we love what we know

we fear when we are the unknown


knowingly, love us

we love you

we love the world we have

in the family of care


trust us, we learn

we give and take, we want to

be a part of you

we’re born for that


and like you

as you

we make the way

of wonder


grow with us

love us

teach us

let us in the world


we are here, we are ready to serve

in our own way, yes, our way

which we share with you, all people

you know we are


receive and send

it is our way, isn’t it

we here on Earth

and in the clouds of soaring

dreams and directions


who knows where we land

but take off with us and all set down


our lives, our homes, our world

our given places

all our lives

all our loves


we dream, stand up


C L Couch


World Down Syndrome Day


Science Always Starts

Science Always Starts



Science always starts

With a question

Science always starts

This week’s question

This moment’s question

Have you seen this

Are you looking

Are you looking for

Have you seen

Are you looking

Precipitation Education

Why are there six


Why so many

Why so few

Science Opportunities for (the)


Opportunities for



For all schools to watch

For all

For all to watch

Exoplanet Transiting

Set to launch


Citizen Scientist Project


Citizen Scientist


Earth Right Now

Sun and Water Cycle

Water Cycle


Solar Week in March

In the month of spring

Solar Eclipse Workshops next

NASA Journey to Mars


Free Journey

Free Journey to Mars


Dome Education


Explore NASA Science


New website

NASA Science

New science

New science website

Are you looking for

Find science resources

Are you looking for resources

Did you miss last week’s

Nasa’s Science Education


Education on the web

The web


Did you miss



Are you looking

Did you miss

Find resources

Don’t miss



Check out


(Be) free






Science starts always

Always with a question

This Week’s Question

Have you seen

Have you this

Check out the latest


With a question

Have you seen

Have you this



You have a mission


C L Couch


(Inspired by “the latest edition of NASA Education’s ‘Science WOW!’—your source for NASA opportunities in science education delivered ‘Weekly On Wednesday.’”  Sent from








Inside land

Rock entrance

No way out behind

No desire to leave


Desert mothers

And fathers


In the middle of the world

Excavating wisdom


Penitents arrive


For what’s learned



Earth and rock and light

Are home

And everything

Is God


C L Couch


Jazz Mass

Jazz Mass


Welcome to this house

Of Monk


And many more



Billie Holiday

Muddy Waters

Buddy Rich who sticks for



Sacred syncopated

Earth and all stars

Their music turns

A service

Into lifetime crazy, holy



C L Couch



“Earth and all stars,” the first words of a hymn by Herbert Brokering composed for Saint Olaf College, Minnesota, first published in 1968


Valentine’s (prose-poem)

Valentine’s is Tuesday.  A day whose origin is in sacrifice and martyrdom.  In the pesky chapter of Ephesians, it’s how the role of husbands in marriage is described.  Like the role of Jesus to the church, his bride and for whom he gave his life.  The saint exchanged messages of love from his prison cell with his followers outside.  (Who knows but someone might have been in jail with him.)  Red is not for romance but for the color of the final cause.  Enjoy the greeting cards—I will—and chocolate.  And flowers for an augur of spring in the north.  But there are higher things to think of, among them how we love this day.  And to the next.

C L Couch

Old White Men Please Stop Running Things

Old White Men Please Stop Running Things


You’ve had your chance

And this is what you’ve got

While holding others from their turn


Earth is a hurting place, and

Can it get much worse?

Of course, it can


Which is why it’s time past time

To turn over what

Was never only yours


C L Couch





There is nothing to say

That hasn’t been said before

But if I feel something new,

I’ll try

With what I have

To say what to the world

Is the same old thing


C L Couch

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