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No Woman Is an Island

(x = space)



No Woman Is an Island


I exhale a puff of air

Carbon dioxide

And yet that’s all right for kissing

And for lifting the lungs

Of someone who’s in trouble

And not breathing

The kiss of life, we call it

And it is

Both sides of air being good

The oxygen, the CO-2

Both give life all around

Our daily allies on the planet

Are the plants in our



All is relationship

No one goes alone


C L Couch



No Man Is an Island, a poem, a contemplation, a movie, a song


Photo by Kyle Wagner on Unsplash

Allan Gardens Children’s Conservatory, Toronto, Canada

the greenhouse


La Bohème

(x = space)



La Bohème


We cannot tell the good

From black or white

That’s clothing

Or how the clouds come at us

From the sky

Or day or night

Night or day

The priority is

Having clothes to wear

To feel secure

Safe from certain elements

That challenge us throughout the day


And we need air and food

A way to get around

Space for living and for working

For a Bohemian

The garret’s all the same

And prophesies pandemics


C L Couch



Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash



The Word for Forest

(x = space)



The Word for Forest

(for Ursula K. Le Guin)


We need something that is lasting

Like air

That hasn’t been ruined,

Where a tally of the molecules is useless

Because our calculators break

In the process

A world that is a forest

As in a story I read a while ago

Where the inhabitants cannot perceive

The sense

In wrecking air

And everything life-giving

Breaking a circle they took part in

For ages,


For what is profit if not that

A world that has trust in them

The smart ones on the planet


C L Couch



Photo by Sebastian Unrau on Unsplash

Bad Pyrmont, Deutschland


Attending Nuclei

Attending Nuclei


The spirit of God

Moves across the water

In the bathtub, not because

It’s trivial but because

It’s everywhere

Breathing, laughing, cajoling


As a spirit of God should


Present at creation, making

Things happen, here

And there

Inside the tree but not the tree


Taking part in everything

That’s made

And with us when

We’re washing dishes

More water


Water and air, we need them

Nothing lives without them

Except maybe anerobic cells

That might still cry out

From time to time

For a sip

Adding a speaker to

The microscope to hear

For all the cells


For all the grocery lists

For prayer at breakfast

For flat tires and new children

New cells on everyone

Everything that every second frames


Here endeth not so much

A lesson;

Here starteth—starts–a

Day of days worth knowing

Because when we want,

We find

The day and knowing it



C L Couch



Photo by Camilo Fierro on Unsplash





Out goes the bad air

In goes the good

That was from a cartoon, I think

Someone pushing water out

And hoping oxygen got in

In an animated way

And in an animated way


That’s all I remember

Maybe a vague image in black and white

But everything was black and white

We didn’t have a color set

As for a time, no one did

In what was technology but

Shooting rockets into space

Removing oxygen in liquid style

One-way breathing

For a planet


Awaiting returns for investment

Time and space, material and energy

Before we got the set

And got Apollo

Earthy breath

That is imagination


C L Couch



Photo by Bill Jelen on Unsplash

The June 29, 2018 launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station was scheduled for 5:42:42 AM in order to rendezvous with the International Space Station. Every rocket has a plume of exhaust, but only the rockets launching just before sunrise will show up like this one.


Air and Space Museum

Air and Space Museum


Light and space

It’s physics,

And it’s Arabic

It’s need

A vision helping me get by

In a crowded world

That doesn’t breathe enough

Plants to air

Us to carbon dioxide

Back to plants

It goes ‘round, and when

Done right, it’s good


I want to be at the Alhambra

Or the Alcázar

Without the Christian overparts

Not to abandon faith but

To find it in the beauty

Of healthy building


I don’t know how to reconcile

The tyranny that built it


Somehow-dimensions cast to God’s own

As if the architect had been

In Eden when

First designed

All was lush

With light and air

Imagine a veil

Blown under the arch

Of all creation, which was

The promise of


How close we might get

Toward living with life’s own

The movement

Without angels yet

To keep us out


All is green behind

After we rest, breathed upon by God

We get to go inside


C L Couch



File:Alcázar de Segovia-9.jpg – Wikimedia Commons





If I go anywhere

I will look down and say,

The raindrops puddle here

As well


I will breathe what I

Know to be the same

Air molecules from home

Earthy currents being

What they are


The same clarity exists

Even the smells,

And I will welcome expressions

That show the same face

I find in my

Immigrant land


Psalm 38, a morning song

Psalm 38

a morning song


A normal day, at last

Blue sky and green leaves

The air is cool


Ablutions and then coffee

I sit here

Bird-song is low


Maybe birds are taking

Time to let this day

Herald itself


I sit here

With a cool current on

My back and liquid warmth


Close by: you give me

This peace, dear Lord

And my heart


Only begins, with what

Capacity it has,

To thank you

Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein


This phrase came to mind

Out of the season’s time:

When the veil fails, speaking

Of Hallowe’en


This is what those of ancient

Lore believed—that gossamer-

Iron webs and steel-misty


Vapors held the other side

On a spellbound, ritualed



Except for


This one time each year


I don’t know what this means;

The child in me didn’t



I dressed colorfully, unusually


Looked through eyeholes

Of masks sweated ’round

The fabric on my face


I was young and relatively



To run my neighborhood


Receiving chocolate reward

For feeling the thrill of cool

Air as more night rushed

Over my skin,


Through folds in costumes,


The faster that I moved

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