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A Little Hermeneutic for a Saturday Morning

A Little Hermeneutic for a Saturday Morning

(1 Corinthians 12:17)


If all were an eye

Which is a phrase I heard

(maybe in translation)

Then the body would have

Nothing else to do

Beyond looking


Sounds dull and

V R notwithstanding



Only when the body is all active

Is there interest and

Engagement with all the creation

That’s around us


And with the Genesis maker

We can say

(we have mouths)

That this is good


C L Couch



By Edgar Degas – High Museum of Art, Public Domain,


A Season with God

A Season with God


I don’t know what happens next

Neither do you

Most of you

I know the lore

I have faith

I think we’re made for now

To think mostly of now

Which is maybe why

Heaven is so distant

And raked over with misunderstanding

Like planting the wrong seeds

Allowing the weeds to grow

Until the harvest

When, you know, wheat and chaff


Is there more to say

What can answer doubt

Satisfy speculation

Excoriate cynical perspective

The thing is that

All these things are good

Curiosity deserves an elevation

If security is surrendered on the inside

Outer life might wreck from time to time

Inside life rebuilt time and again

The surgery of synthesis


Yesterday, today, tomorrow

Like or as the words by G or S, this kind

Of time

Creeps apace

And should we not be shattered

By bombs or disbelief

The day before takes root

Today become a seed

Tomorrow promises a crop


Don’t leave it here

I’d like to meet you later on

And, you know, be met

When time is all time

All days all at once


C L Couch



Season Wallpapers 2 – 1920 X 1200 |


Peace, Prevail

Peace, Prevail

(for the USA and all)


Red leaves on trees

Against the season’s

Bright blue sky,

Branches lightened in

Late-afternoon, autumn



Vision of nature

Hope for a nation


C L Couch

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