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(learning for children)


My sister has an allergy

She didn’t have when we were growing up

I have one, too

An allergy

I did not have before

If we return to anything like childhood

I’d rather it were in another way

But nowadays

Now that we’re older, anyway

And just because

She will have to eschew strawberries

As I have to avoid bell peppers


Then invent it on our own

An aspect of joy and unquantified


That without even a nod

Such as children have


C L Couch



Image by Merio from Pixabay


Teal Pumpkin Project (haiku)

Teal Pumpkin Project

Leave un-allergenic treats

On Hallowe’en porch


One Dog, Two Cats, Two Dogs

One Dog, Two Cats, Two Dogs


I’m with the dogs again;

I should set out a shingle


Neighbor’s dog (the only

Dog from whom I’ve

Received real hugs)


Friends’ cats, exercises

In indifference, until I’m

The only one to feed



These two dogs in the

Family are older, whiny,

And demanding


I love them both


What kind of irony that

Saint Francis helps me

With my pets but has not

Yet arranged for the

Curing of my allergies

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