I talk you talk we'll talk






I tip the cups

Of the libation bearers


I take the coins

Meant for passage

With Charon


I trick Raven itself

Out of a feather


The dragon soars

But cannot find me


I hide behind

The rising sun


All the gods offended


Until I encounter



Who will

Not suffer fools


And will withhold


Gems only for the



Who will not

Count me



I weep



Ananzi might

Forgive and

Wrap me



A silver thread


A place from

Which to



And relate anew

With divinity


Word-High July: Welcome!


Maria of Doodles and Scribbles and I [that’s Rosema at rosemawrites] are more than excited to read your takes on the 30 Beautiful Filipino Words.

  1. Write or create a post inspired or about the Filipino word prompts.
  2. A post can be anything. A poem, a fiction, a six-word tale, or even a photo. It’s all up to you.
  3. Linkback/create a pingback to this post: Word-High July 30 Beautiful Filipino Words. Here is a quick tutorial on how to do a pingback.
  4. Tag your post with WordHighJuly, so your co-bloggers will be able to read/see your take on the prompt. Here’s how you create tags.
  5. Most important of all, read and comment to your blogger friends (old and new found, we’ll never know).


HOP ON and let’s all GET WORD-HIGH this JULY!

Scribbling Sensations

Scribbling Sensations


When I turn other things off,

I hear the air-conditioner hum with tiny teeth


I hear assurance from the fan beside my bed


I see the vertical textures in the lampshade of

The lamp that doesn’t work


I see a hat, purchased for walking, set cockeyed upon

The corner of a vintage-mirror frame


I feel soft touches as I type;

I hear the tapping of the keys upon the board,

Like Poe’s raven upon my chamber door


While my nose is in it, I smell and taste the coffee,

Hot enough for its vapor mildly to campaign

With warmth through my sinuses


I feel pain—more intense without distraction


I blink: I cannot hear it, though I know the upper lid

Has fallen on the lower (which will give a little)

and will rise and fall again


While other things are off,

I sense the world anew;


And, largely—like Genesis and Weldon Johnson’s

Work—I think it’s good

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