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Lent 31

Lent 31


I’m sorry


Just then, did I seem weaker?

I shouldn’t have,

Though I struggle with confession, too


I don’t know how good this is

Balm for the wounded soul, I guess

Maybe a strengthened bond

In the community


Necessary, I don’t know

For all the secrets that die with

Persons who left unspoken

Matters of regret,

Even tragic

I might do that

You might


It isn’t peril for our souls

Since all is known by

One who judges perfectly

We won’t escape a reckoning

Though there’s a bias in our favor


It is cleansing act,

I think

Not until the next time

But for all time

Technically, it’s preparation

For worship, life in spirit in

A fuller way


Open for distraction

Into heaven


I think I sang in dreams last night

In daytime, it takes practice

Rites partake in that

A life open to soulful beauty in

The music, as is said, of the spheres


But it can go ugly, too

Rough, tear-scoured

Anger exorcised against the

Truth and amelioration

As apology works its way

Through tears falling

One side or the other

(meaning inside or outside)




Let sunlight be cleaved unto the darkness

Patchwork living

At its best

This side of things

All sides of things


C L Couch



by ‘Speculando –, CC BY 2.0,

Songpyeon, a variety of tteok, Korean rice cake

for Chuseok, celebration of the autumnal equinox





Sometimes I look into sky

There can be clouds

More viscerally when it’s stars

We see bucolic things

And we should

But sometimes it falls back on me

The sky, the stars

And if one can feel vertigo

When sitting still



I’ve tried to imagine it all

And it has smacked back on me

The universe, as if I’m told

Cannot take me now

Don’t even try

It’s not yours

Someday, maybe


You’ll know your place

And your way around


C L Couch



star field

(too beautiful, too much)


Apology for Valentine’s

Apology for Valentine’s


I’m sorry

I didn’t mean to say it

As I did

I wanted to say something

So in nervousness I

Spoke too fast

And said too little


C L Couch


heart mended with safety pins


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