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Lent 22

Lent 22


Sometimes we might think

Of Lent as a dry time

We’ve rid the house of sugar, after all

And cooking fat

Everything that takes away from

Arid concentration,

Which is spiritual, we say

To ourselves


But there are Easter baskets

And an Easter dinner we are waiting on

These are good, aren’t they—

And they are

Even to the blessing of the baskets

Along the altar rail

On the day before

(early Saturday morning)

Everything we’ll use to

Split the difference between

Faith and easy living


But don’t we need both sides?

There will be Easter Sunday, after all

And we’ll have gone to church

Taken part in singing

And the sunshine that’s been made

From Easter matter


But don’t forget the Easter eggs to hide

And something about rabbits


Good things, all?  Goodness, yes

But there is the desert thinking

Our origins in western Asia,

Northern Africa

Those we call the mothers and our fathers

Who lived dry Lenten seasons

Every day,

Whose wisdom aids

Our understanding spirit,

Which then prompts

Everything we’ll do


They are right,

The mystics and the everything

And there is something right in us

To be involved



C L Couch



Photo by Dean Ward on Unsplash

Before chopping down one of the trees in our garden we did an inspection to make sure there were no nests in it. This gorgeous little nest was in one on the lower branches so it looks like the tree is staying.


First Day

First Day


The first thing I do

Is scope the day

Maybe I suss out

How I’m feeling


Unconsciously, I think

Of God


S: How can you do

With any awareness

An unconscious thing?


How can I not

Look out the window

See the wide dark

Bend of branches

Reaching up toward

Undefined scenery



And not think about

Even in my fuzzied

State of waking up


Who made it all, the

Unclear parts, too


S: Well


Well, nothing—I

Think of God


And when the light

Gets bigger with

Some yellow, I’ll

Think better

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