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Blogging from A to Z Challenge




The last English letter,

The last song, the final



Evidently, the British

Like to say this letter

As a word, while

Other English speakers

Simply say zee


As I think through

My own alphabet

(More or less in order),

It seems most words

For letters are more

Or less the letter



Though double-u

Describes what it is

(In Spanish, double-v)—


And the eighth-letter


Name might be

Overwrought, long A

Followed by a soft chuh,

Ache with the K

Sound substituted


I like calligraphy,

Illumined text in Latin

Or another word—I’m

Sure I’d have no

Patience for the work,


Though I love the



Would love to have a

Large single letter,

As if monk-made,

Framed, shining to

Illumine me


Which letter, I don’t

Know—I’ve twenty-

Six letters in my tongue

(On my tongue) from

Which to choose


What letters might light

Up my mind and what

Ones for you



Blogging from A to Zed Challenge

Y is for Yep

Y is for Yep


Somewhere between yes

And a dog’s yip


A folksy affirmative that

Often belies


Impulse and instinct



Jumping under the skin

But we


Say something so we say



‘Cause we’re too busy in

Our heads


Mulling over possibilities

To be much


More than homespun

And you know


What might you say yep to

I already know

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

W is for Wisdom

W is for Wisdom


Wisdom sayings, wisdom verse

Aesop, the poetry of Donne


What Winnie the Pooh never

Learns from sticking his tummy

In a honey tree and, before that,

Rabbit’s house


What is wise to you, dear one?

Would you write it down?  Or do

You believe in show more than

In tell?


Which means I’ll learn from

Watching you more than in

Pitiless, didactic discourse


I will look to you for wisdom


Other times in the book we know

We find out back—made of living



Bound in round tree bark, etched

By wind and ice, illumined by

Nature’s hand

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

X is for, well, X

X is for, well, X


ten in the Roman system


the unknown planet in

old sci-fi films and maybe

new astronomy


the name of the ray the

Curies made in life and

death that we might see

below the skin


first letter in in the name

of the Persian warrior

on the other side of



same with a saint (a

university), a musical

instrument, and the

musician named Cugat


and, yes, the name that

gave the X to comic

books, television, graphic

novels, and films


first letter (transliterated

from Aztec) for

Xochimilco, the floating

gardens of Mexico



which fed the center

of empire and now feeds

beauty for the city


first letter for a queen

who challenged Roman

might; her people

feared those from the

outside and for good,

tragic reason


her name became a

modern term, Xenobia

to xenophobia


it’s what we sometimes

use to correct; lefties

prefer it to writing a



it starts the sequence for

both genders


it is a shape


it’s what’s used when a

whole signature is not



mostly, though, we know

what it’s for: in song, in

verse, in story—and the

human heart—it is


a symbol for the searcher


X marks this, doesn’t it?

where the treasure lay

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

V is for Vixen

V is for Vixen


A female fox, I think

Moving in from the country

To the London suburbs


Fox-hunting was outlawed,

You know, giving all the

Red-fur, sure-footed

Creatures and creations


A chance for a shopping

Life, residing maybe in



Red herring, reality before

Fallacy, was used to train

Hounds in fox-hunting:


What if it’s a delicacy for

Foxes now (red herring,

Not the hound)?


Fallacy become fact in



With foxes in chaise

Lounges, leaning back

Into beneficent afternoon

Sunshine, snacking on

Salty fish

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

T is for Tarantella

T is for Tarantella


It’s been set to music,

And I like the story

That goes


That if one dances

Fast enough with zest

And spirit and need,


The poison will

Withdraw from out

The spider’s bite


Perspiration, perhaps

Perhaps reward of

Tribute to Arachne


Who knows, maybe

To the mischief of

Ananzi, too


Now let’s make our

Own tale of such

Movement and lost

Consciousness in

Dance to take us


To a place where

Divinity gives


Blogging from A to Z Challenge

S is for Science

S is for Science


Science is skill

Practice and progress

Discipline, consistent

Method and trial


So is poetry-making

Poeia in ancient Greek

(The process of



Both are spiritual acts

Dealing with creation

And miracle


Though scientists and

Poem-makers might

Not see the fabulous

Beyond amazing

Accomplishments of



In effect, the miracle

Being us


Well, so be it


I see the soul, and

That’s my science


Global, adhesive

Respect will keep our

World together


And so I will look

Forward to your way


And we may measure

And skillfully remake

The cosmos together

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

R is for Rose

R is for Rose

(requiring parenthetic subtlety)


Cloak filled with roses

Emblems of a miracle

At Guadalupe (in

Spanish, the e would

Get some emphasis)


Roses are a metaphor

For, as Catholics call

Her. the Mother of

God, met by sainted

(Both ways) faithful

Cuauhtlatoatzin (in

Aztec—try it as it

Sounds) outside of

Town, not recognizing


Her but treating her

With all respect, as

Women (and good

Men) are due, before

She was revealed


Mary is a rose, so is

Solomon when

Speaking of his love


I am the rose of

Sharon, having more

To say of savor for

The lover’s taste


Passion is a rose,

Though shades can

Change things (red is

For, white is for,

Yellow and purple

Have their meanings,



And if a pop-culture

Color is preferred,

There’s Abby-black)


So, G. Stein, a rose

May not be a rose,

For discretion might

Be required and

Context for the next

Trip to the florist



(at present in USA, an orange rose is symbol for healthy birth by Every Mother Counts,

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Q is for Quing

(pronounced as the male monarch’s name)

Q is for Quing


Lately, I’ve been wondering

If women can’t be kings

Not that queen isn’t a good word

It’s fine


But for many, it rudely matters that

The queen is not the king


We’ve had women working as kings

King Elizabeth the First

King Victoria

And if Pope Joan’s and Nefertiti’s

Reigns are believed,

They ruled as kings in their

Respective cultures


If queens don’t want to be kings

I understand

After all, kings actual, though

Royal, too often do not take well

To scrutiny


But overall I’d like to say

Hail, King Elizabeth

Hail, King Zenobia

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

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