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Too-Young Good-Bye

Too-Young Good-Bye

(youth, adults—the Humboldt team and friends)


In Canada

In Nipawin,

Youth and hockey

Care and safety

And something else transpires

Coaches and sponsors

Everyone does a job

And something else transpires

A bus and a truck tall and wide collide

And that’s it

There it is

An explosion perhaps not

In fiery effect

But of life regardless

And too terribly

I’ve been in vehicle crashes

So are many others

A truck crashed once into my car

I was sprayed with glass

And there was no question

The family station wagon would

Be replaced

People have been hurt in wrecks

This is what I know

Those who are close to this

Know so much more

And horrible

There are

Those who left

Pulled mortally from here,

The here and now we


Those who remain

What shall be done


Too many must heal,

And we must return

To take each one gone

A gift

Of flesh and soul

And in quiet, be thankful he

Was with us

For a time—then

For each one still in sight,



All-gendered victims now

All ages then and since

All places

All relations

Thoughts and prayers are tired

Though we will inhale and

Pray for real, again

For faith however tried

And for answers that like deer

Are nimble and grace-filled


Look for authenticity

In choices of

Our love

Good-bye too soon


Each one

Not from eternal reach,

But the for hours we must count

‘Til heaven says all counting’s gone


In a redemptive now

Always beginning


C L Couch



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Nipawin deer


Favoring Neighborly Respect

Favoring Neighborly Respect

(greetings with a sigh from USA)


We’re not all like Dwayne Wade

Canada is our neighbor, deserving

Of respect


And you are liked


There is enough to contend with


Fire, life of First Nations, economy,

And government—correlations in



Antics courtesy of the NBA are

Neither needed nor liked nor

Incumbent here


We are friends—maybe we will

Match our amity in action, as

We do in many things


But, as with national songs, a

Kinship should be lifted,

Celebrated, and served, O



The land of hope for all who toil,

The true North strong and free!


Thank you for forbearing,

From your friend

Canada’s First Family

Canada’s First Family



First Nation

Northern Ontario

Where the compass



They die there

At their own hand

Killing the present

The future and

Relation to the



Rich culture made


Reservation life


Ten times more

The young men

Die, for women

Twenty-one times


A child of nine

An elder seventy-



A tear (a rush)

A tear (in tragic

Sadness) of


Has been hurried

There, but where

Is the missing

Part of life


What will

Resolve the hole

Of promises


Where harsh

Unappealing life

Without prospect

Fifteen living in

A house for

Three or four



Structure minimal

And faulty


A solution is re-

Connection to



A renewed climb

To meet sibling

Spirits in the



Yet once on

Earth again how

Does renewed

Tradition survive

In mortal people

Pushed to the



Forced into

Living prepared

To push over


The government

Hears; maybe it

Sends the staff


But will it in

Fate complete

The rift of a


Needing better

Earth to walk






U. S. Suicide Rate Surges to a 30-Year High

by Sabrina Tavernise, 22 April 2016

WASHINGTON — Suicide in the United States has surged to the highest levels in nearly 30 years, a federal data analysis has found, with increases in every age group except older adults. The rise was particularly steep for women. It was also substantial among middle-aged Americans, sending a signal of deep anguish from a group whose suicide rates had been stable or falling since the 1950s.

North American Union

North American Union
(not NAFTA, more than)

So my friend Dennis
Who taught me how
To smoke a pipe (don’t
Worry; the pipe for
Years now serves only
As a decoration)

Well, Dennis once
Posited a plan—that
Canada and Mexico
Merge with USA

Dennis from Canada,
I the USA, while we
Lived and worked
Close by the San-Diego-
Tijuana border; we
Spoke of our

Now-new nation (and,
Admittedly, this is
Somewhat stereotypical
Thinking from thirty
Years ago), a country

Enjoined: vast resources
Of nature in the north
With great human ability,
From the south with ever-
New technologies from
The land between

So there, Dennis, shared
In time of friendship,

Knowing that all mortal
Things are finite and
So need care to last then
Maybe last again,

Shall we disassemble
Walls—add a writhing
Serpent into bald eagle’s
Claws, all set upon
Autumnal maple leaf—
This our new metaphor
To try?

Perhaps this is a time
To arrange triangles of
Tables, negotiating
Continents of possibility

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