Let’s Look for a Reason

(commending her candidacy)



She’s flighty as we

Think women are—

No, that’s not right


She’s not serious-minded—

No, again not right


How about

She doesn’t convey authority

As our commander should—

Nope, can’t make that

Argument, either


But she does write e-mails,

Good!—there’s reason

For the pillory


Those things we usually

Use to keep them

Down just weren’t working

Out this time


Because she is a person

For all seasons?


No, she’s still a woman—

Can’t have that


C L Couch


My favorite thing is not to think or write in a partisan way.  I’m registered to vote though not a member of any political party (though I’ve always favored the New Year’s Eve, should it be formed, and think the Pirates Party in Iceland holds promise).  I do believe that the final prejudice to overcome in the current election for President will be in fact the problem over gender.  Hence this verse about that.