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Yesterday the car

Broke down, because

There haven’t been

Enough complications


We could have had

Trains, but we chose

Cars, and I enjoy driving

My small colleague


That is now sleeping at

The garage where I

Take it, when I have to


Long-suffering it’s been:

It doesn’t have a name,

I clean it when it rains,

I fill it with supplies

As if it were a buckboard

Brought into town on

Saturday and I for a shave

Above the saloon


And now and then a horse

For a hero


C L Couch



Photo by gaspar manuel zaldo on Unsplash


Universal Export

Universal Export

(story to relate to)


I was involved in an accident

I wasn’t there for

The car was parked, and someone

Drove into it

Drove into other cars as well

I heard the crash, went outside

There were people, soon there were

Flashing lights

Both ends of the block were closed

A frightened person driving plus

Her children there

(all physically unhurt, thank


Who wants to press on that,

On them?

If there was a villain, it was


And it fled sometime ago

Now we wait and talk and wait

And talk some more

Now all the procedural stuff begins

My car is gone, as in towed away

For anxiety, I contacted friends

And took a pill

It’s morning now, time to call around

Sigh, sigh, sigh


C L Couch



Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash


Man Bites Dog

Man Bites Dog

(that’s news)


Somewhere it’s been said

That news isn’t dog-bites-man but

When it’s

Man bites dog


This morning police came

With a heavy knock on my door

It was loud, I was asleep

So everything happened fast and fuzzy

A muscled officer, the kind

I want when on my side,

Told me urgently and kindly

That a tree was about to fall on my car

I guess we had a storm last night,

Which I did not hear

(sometimes I take a pill)


I pulled on jeans and left

Pausing I guess because we had to

For some official information

To pass from me to him

Outside it’s mid-morning, gray and

Dim with rainfall, lights off of

Firefighting vehicles not really changing things

So much

There was my car

My hobbit car

Tall but narrow, close to the ground

I had taken my keys (where

was my license?) and knew enough

To start the car and move it forward


Now there’s buzz-sawing for the tree

Though I hear nothing for the moment

(I’m nothing like a gawker and have been

inside), so maybe

It’s done

And with the tree

Our being in the local news for Sunday morning


C L Couch



Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay


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