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Cats and Dogs LLC

Cats and Dogs LLC


Taking care of cats is done

Human mom and dad are home

Now I’ve been asked about

A dog

It’s a cottage industry

Without the cottage

Next time I want a cottage

Maybe a retreat house

Maybe a place for

Pet contemplatives

We could invite patrons to workshops:

Julian for cats

Roch for dogs

Francis for the birds that visit

Via rafters


Can you imagine compline

Vigil and matins?

Cats gathered not as

Clowders but choristers

Dogs serving as lectors

Reading from

What else

You know it’s coming

Saint Bernard


C L Couch



Church ruins and a stray dog in Karpaz, Northern Cyprus.

Michal Klajban – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,






My sister tells me it’s a man thing

Not wanting to go to the


It’s certainly true that I do not want to go

And that I thought this

A healthy inclination

Now I wonder if for those women who

Care so much

(In quantity and quality) if there is a

Kind of comfort there

Someone else to provide, to


To break the news

And deal with it first


C L Couch


This Is What I Care About

This Is What I Care About


This is what I care about

Family—three brothers, sister,

Brother-in-law, sisters-in-law,



Niece and nephews, two

Children in the next generation

Four dogs for now, no cats

I know of (since mine died)


Friends—those who have

Work and those who need it,

Who are healthy and who

Struggle to get through the

Day without so much pain


Neighbors—those who make

Up my community and those

Who try to disfigure it


Peace that hardly yet prevails

Love and grace that it might



God who doesn’t need me

But regards me as one part

Of creation, anyway


And you


For so many reasons


For I know that you care, too

Equatorial Collapse

Equatorial Collapse


Not believing in

Im-providential bluster


Conspiracy only by

Nature tunneling

Through our



Not ready to give in

That this is the end of

Our clay days


Number of who’s

Died in Ecuador

Adds more, one

Victim by one


Richter 7.8


So many, so much

Gone or fading into

Earth that all destroyed

Only invites a tomb




Queridos, tengan cuidado


Loved ones, literally

Have care, reach to



Seek it, hold it, share


Expect care’s arriving

With other, constructed

Parts of the world


La santidad en la vida

Anda con ustedes

Abajo del mundo

Y hasta a los cielos

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