Gee, Emoji!

This cat is cool
And a gift from a friend
Who knew my cat, too,

The cat who trained me for
Nineteen years, and I never got
It right

Palindromic name, Hannah
A rescue on Hanover Street
Kitten alone, wandering into
Street traffic

I took her in, and she took

Such a fine companion,
As most cats who are left
In power to train us,
Truly are

The emoji makes me think
Of a cheer—maybe it’s the
Wry smile, maybe the sunshine

Gee, Emoji!
Gee, Gee, emoji!
Gee, emoji, you’re so fine,
Want to paste you all the time!
Graphic cool is what you are,
Any shape, you are a star!

Gee! Emoji!
Gee! Gee! Emoji!

We cheer
For our circular cats,
And we are cheered


my friend who sent me the cat
emoji keeps a Facebook place
called One Mom’s Mission
about the joy in having a child
with Down’s Syndrome; my
general ignorance in using
emojis was first ‘fessed to and
challenged in a friendly way by
Annie at What the Woman Wrote
(sorry, Annie, I still don’t know
how to use these things in
anything like an easy way)