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Take Down the Cosmos from the Shelf

Take Down the Cosmos from the Shelf


It might be morning

Sing us a new day, please, O Lord,

And ministrations of the angels

Slough off dead leaves

From trees

And unliving skin cells from our bodies

Renew everything

And let all organic detritus

Feed what is living now


Maybe it takes more than miracle

To renew the Earth

Let alone start new life on other worlds

We won’t know until we get to these

Or receive their emissaries

Maybe in meteors and microbes

For a start


Is it all expanding,

Then what happens next?

Who’s to say it doesn’t slingshot back

To start it all again?

Or that something won’t be surging

From the center, once there’s


Like black holes we have found

In the middle of known galaxies,

Which might be feeding

Something that will birth among the stars

As stars

For introduction to new layers

And new ages

Bright leaves as pages

For stories we would have never

Otherwise conceived


There is some faith

And magic of belief

In all that’s startling

Ancient tome and

What is behind that

With a virtue and a prayer

We take it

Songs inside muscles

Here is creation


C L Couch



Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash




(as a single word, a thing)


I’ve been learning

About this

I’m amateurish

But it seems that it’s a gift

Of fluidity

Against intractability of

What we take for

Metronomic living


I could take a trip

Come back still alive

Barely older

When the cure has been invented

And those on Earth might

Wonder how we

Lived so long without it

Then recall

By my spaceship evidence

We didn’t


Light bends

Takes its time around galactic clusters

Because it’s needed elsewhere

Later than the normal pace


Or maybe it’s a cosmic celebration

Of forlorn parts

That, folded,

May come back


You see, it’s faster and it’s slower

More wonders to be added

More paper in the capsule

More pencils by the cosmonauts

Who already learned

To write upside-down


Fear not

Schools will expand

Along with all the options

Requiring machines

To be stretched into curves

Reshaped into marvels

Potters know the way


Each moment will be new

A little chaos is good for everyone

And twisted into tapestry

So that everything

The cosmos and our lives

Is also home


C L Couch



Photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash

Calgary, Canada

Fairy Dust

I believe


S is for Science

S is for Science


Science is skill

Practice and progress

Discipline, consistent

Method and trial


So is poetry-making

Poeia in ancient Greek

(The process of



Both are spiritual acts

Dealing with creation

And miracle


Though scientists and

Poem-makers might

Not see the fabulous

Beyond amazing

Accomplishments of



In effect, the miracle

Being us


Well, so be it


I see the soul, and

That’s my science


Global, adhesive

Respect will keep our

World together


And so I will look

Forward to your way


And we may measure

And skillfully remake

The cosmos together

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L is for Lyric

L is for Lyric


Will you sing with me?

If I start,

If you start,

Shall we sing together?


The earth spins off harmony,

A jubilance of sparks—


In the mind


Our words become song

And, while orbiting,

An invitation:


Into our creating cups,


Liquid inspiration


Not for drinking but for


Music becoming

Current  in the cosmos

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

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