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The Best Is Yet to Come

The Best Is Yet to Come


The best is yet to come and, babe, won’t it be fine?


Dancing, crooning

Love songs

Ties and gowns or overalls and pinafores,

Doesn’t matter

There is glitter in the air

The lights of romance

There’s music from a combo

Ain’t it all fine?


There has to be more of this

Not an increase

Or exaggeration

But ongoing

The laughing, dancing, crooning combo

Always at hand

To have and have again

Not a party without end

But reasons to

Celebrate that last


The kind of work

(exertion of energy)

That heals

The smiles from musicians, which

Can say

We are free at last

And we love you

And an audience

In equal measure grateful

Taking part

Tomorrow there will be other things

And there will be tomorrow

For now,

There’s confidence

In this place of music

Fancy lights

(not the kind that blind)

Hands clasping on the dancing floor


Maybe we’ll go outside

Not because nature is tame

But because

It tames us

With its own lights of night

And gift of rock

For a dancing floor


This is a vision

Of necessity

Because the flesh that hears,

Touches, and responds

Should go on in some way

Call it paradise

The life renewed

That hasn’t lost a note or a step


C L Couch



“The Best Is Yet to Come”

written by Cy Coleman and Carolyn Leigh

Frank Sinatra and Count Basie performed and recorded for the album It Might as Well Be Swing (1964) and performed and recorded by many others.


photo by Manuel Inglez on Unsplash

Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais, Sintra, Portugal


God’s Particles

God’s Particles


What if they can dance

On the head of a pin

Would you

I’d like to think I might


What if they are atomic, subatomic

Then they could dance with partners of

Orbiting electrons

The matter, light and dark, of the universe theirs

While the music set by God

Plays on

It’s blood circulation to us

Its own miracle


For them, it is the reason

They were made

Missives in themselves

Stepping to the rhythm of divine


Will, submitting without thought

To a plan they can announce

With or without understanding

(their will is not involved)

Until all things are known,

And love will have the reason


In this moment doesn’t bear

In their slightest

Instep action


They dance, what kind of substance

And while they dance

The universe is delight


C L Couch



drew Roberts

4096 Naked Ghosts Mash de Roach on the Head of a Pin

Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)





Dance with me,

I want to be your partner


What shall it be?

What is danced

Under a Filipino



Call it “Buwan” or




Spanish or more

Ancient?  Or

Worked out



As long as we

Might touch


Dancing now,

Because as the

Orleans song

Is sung,


And love is all around


Maybe spouse-sun

Will dance, too,

Who might be



In lore, married

With the moon


All nature dances

To (what is called

In many places)



Harmony of spheres


Earth turns

Sun smiles


Gravity collides

With magnetic



In joy of being a



Day ends, merges

With jazzy dusk


Ready to step

And slide under

The rhythm of

Choice selection

From a heavenly



Night is falling,


And I am calling you:


Dance with me


Touch my hand

And, with me,


“Dance with Me” recorded by Orleans


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