I talk you talk we'll talk



Dream Over

(x = over)



Dream Over


I dreamed

About my brother

Last night

Then my sister

And my mother

Who was sick


I tried to get ready

Asked my sibs to help

They would

(they did)

I tried to fix things up

As best I could

Then went to work

Where I was testy

With the people



Dream over

I woke up

And feel tense

Old long since


C L Couch



Photo by thamara prada on Unsplash


Finally, an Affirmation

(x = space)



Finally, an Affirmation


Sometimes to dream

Is stupid,


I think that

Of myself

Who am I to dream?

How can I make the waked-

Up version happen?

Who smiles on

Me to make it happen?


Dreams spark on the


(where there is heat);

They are

A matter of

The inner life, the life

We have when we

Are at our best

Or at our rest—sometimes

I’m not sure

Which is which


I share this with you


Our dreams have value,

And we should have them

(some we’re

going to have, anyway)

And the truer ones

The ones that form,

Form again,

Take hold


The dreams that we

Should have

That the ideal revelation of

The universe



C L Couch



Gloomy Forest in the Fog

Photo by Jay Mantri on Unsplash


Never Manderley

(x = space)



Never Manderley


Last night, I dreamed

About a white tiger

In the backyard

That sometimes

Had a cub with it

And sometimes

Turned into a dog,

A big dog—

And we were all trying

To avoid the tiger,

Which was fine because

It was past-time

For me to go


I went through

The house

One last time,

Placing my bundles into

A canoe, set

In moving water

Out front of the house

And when it was time

To leave at last,

I found the canoe

Had sunk into shallow water

So I’d have to stay

With the people there

For a while longer

Then I awoke


C L Couch



Bangor Castle (built 1852, photo taken, June 2019).

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

Bangor Castle, Bangor, Northern Ireland, UK




(a waking dream)


I am on the second floor

Hell is quiet beneath

My Middle-Earth

While heaven rages above

Is that the war in heaven?

Is hell quiet now because it’s empty?

If so, the story goes

A third of heaven’s host

Will fall to occupy the deeper realm

With Satan as its ruler

The revenant of those who sought,

Sought what?

To take over?

Simply to protest?

To bargain for a will

Like that awarded humans?


We were your agents, Lord

Certainly, we would have managed

Better with a choice

In how to serve

A better talent might have been missed

A calling other than created

Sorry, it could happen

Might we have the chance

To find out who we are?


That’s bitter


We are better than the rest

The scion of light says so

How must we, then, be heard?

Where shall we go that you might see?

There are the plains

Splayed by your fingers

We will practice farther below

Then emerge to tussle with the best

The ones loved more

We’ll find out who wins

If your lower creatures love us

Then you should withdraw into

Two-thirds of heaven left

More than enough

Since perfection

And the servile need

Nothing but a pin

Or a nail


C L Couch



Image by Moshe Harosh from Pixabay



How Fast a Dream Fades

How Fast a Dream Fades


There was something

It was Christmastime

I was arguing with my mother

Over singing music I didn’t know

We went to church

Tim Breithaupt was there

He pointed toward a casino

On the hill

I said we have those, too

(casinos not hills, though we

have hills)

There’s not much more

And there was more

I feel sad about it

I was angry in the dream

I cannot argue with her, now


C L Couch



Tom Barrett


This photo is taken from my flight to Panama. We flew directly through a storm, and this is what I captured.



Early Morning Half-Light

Early Morning Half-Light


I had a dream and in it

A love and I

With a friend were talking about


I was asked if I liked the snow

At the time we were surrounded

By it

Nonetheless, I said I liked snow


And my dear one said so, too

Clearly, our friend at the time

Only wanted to hear

About warmth

So I waxed

(maybe that’s a mansplain)


I like four quarters to the year

With time for everything

I’m sure I had that when a child

In Pittsburgh

Though it’s not like that


Global warning having moved

The even year up north

Somewhere in New York


I looked at the one and thought,

Maybe we’ll go there

And then dreams do what they do


C L Couch



“Vier Jahreszeiten” (Bernd Altenstein) am Holler See in Bremen

JeKr – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Tell Me a Story

Tell Me a Story


Blue lights

And silver magic

Castle ruins inhabited

By cursed creatures

The hero comes to help

Can she or he save the day

Or better

Save the night


This is what I want

And where I want to be

Will you take me there

To leave me for

A while

Read to me, and let me dream

The pages into life


C L Couch





Two o’clock

I should be sleeping

Too often I awake


Pain drives, so does

Want and dream

And vision


I write I dream I

Play inside my heart


I hope for what is

Better than I have,

More than I



It’s how I dream,

I think


Wish and in a

Kindly boxed-in



(That often I

Don’t understand)


Forget what

Drove me from my


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