Ponder nothing

Take it as it comes

Pondering was yesterday

Then for an hour as a follow-up

Now is the time

For spirit to meet flesh

We have to do something mortal

And again

It’s time, and it’s the life we have

There might be a spark of

The divine

Not to forsake

But there’s the sun with

Outside colors

We must get started

There’s a road

It will not shine this way again

There was a sign

Or simply some hardheadedness

We’ve packed books

Paper and pen with which to write


On adventuring

Time to go

The better things are waiting

It’s all right, it’s all still there

Please don’t be ready

A few things, sure

I don’t think we should wait that long



C L Couch



Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash

Washington Square Park, New York, United States