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Breaking Good

Breaking Good

(BrGd, Periodically speaking—it’s kind of a pun, sorry)


Sometimes I can’t conform

Maybe that’s often

You see, I had not been in the

Hospital much throughout

My life,

Not really since birth, in fact, except

To visit

I didn’t mind hospitals, didn’t feel

Drawn toward them, either

I had a chaplain friend at

Children’s in Cincinnati whose ministry was

A series of small miracles

I say small because he worked with


Whom he could find through all the


And meters and restrictions

Of the I.C.U.

To find the child every time

I wished he lived in Harrisburg

Or I lived again in the Queen



Anyway, the siege began when I

Was forty-five or so

The combatants are, frankly, dying

And me

Much of the battlefield has been

Inside Holy Spirit then at Harrisburg

It goes on


Now I have strong feelings about

Hospitals, and the

Feelings are not good


In this, I touch a universal feeling,

If too severely,

That of going there

So that I might get out

The people there are good

Nearly everyone I’ve met is kind

If not, the unkind ones came by

While the anesthesia was

Having its way

I’ve been to rehab, too

Stayed at my sister’s house for care

(my nephew visiting my

sick room every day, because

he didn’t have to)

So buildings are not bad, not for

Recovery, though

I’ll never lose the knack

For outside air


So this is about conformity

Many rules in institutions, as

You know

(now so do I

in a living and not yet dying way)

I can take the strictures for a


Then must bust out before I

Burst inside

Trite way to put it, since

It’s part of what, what is it called,

Psychopathy? pathology?—either sounds



I must break out from time to time

Join the rest of us outside

Take a walk or

A short drive to nowhere in


Sort of a habit, anyway

Now a tontine between nature and



Here I am

There’s the world:

It seems I need its vastness

More than ever now


C L Couch



List of Elements in Chinese

periodic table of the elements in Chinese

(from the web page)

Have you ever wondered if the names of elements are the same in other languages? Different languages have different words for the same thing, why should the elements be any different?

(from me)

There are usable, printable (free) renderings of the Periodic Table of the Elements out there.  I use the Chinese version here with the understanding (and the message) that science is, or should be, ecumenical.


Look at It Another Way

Look at It Another Way


I’m thinking of a cave

Yes, there could be crystal there


And, yes, I suppose there could be

A wizard there

How about two wizards

She can wield the power from

The spells he formulates

Realizing brand-new combinations of

The elements that otherwise

Might have kept on sleeping

In the deeps of earth and time


A retelling

A fantasy

But as with everything in all dimensions

It could happen


C L Couch



Crystal Ice Cave

California (USA)

Jesse Barden (photographer)


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