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The Ordinaries

The Ordinaries


The dog is old and that concerns me

It should concern me for me, too

But I am inside and have some idea of

What’s going on

What’s going on with you?


It is in ordinary time

Running long between Pentecost and


With special days in between, such as

All Saints’ and All Souls’

It is our time

As Sean Astin’s character in The Goonies


Down here, this is our time


Down here, we are ordinary

I have little idea how time in heaven goes

There was a war there, so we think

Our lore recalls a third of heaven fell

Maybe Eden was

A strategy for getting back


What we know is

We have this day

For our old dogs

An aging Earth that sometimes

In whirlwinds

Acts as if it knows no limits

And will live forever

In wildness

Without rules or counting,

Which is amazing

And is dangerous


Down south where I am now,

Folk really like their porches

They sit on special outside chairs

They rock, they glide

They tell stories

Sometimes it’s only the weather


But tell me there isn’t gospel in this

Good news that after storms

We will recover

And we will meet each other at least twice

Here and in extraordinary living



C L Couch



Photo by Jason Chen on Unsplash

Hello, It’s Me

Hello, It’s Me


It’s Saturday

An ordinary day

Maybe it’s ordinary time

In the liturgy

Ain’t extraordinary, that’s for sure

It’s dark before dawn

Why was it said the darkest time

The fading has begun


Just before dawn, there’s light

It’s an announcement

I am coming

Get ready for me, day


C L Couch



Photo by Jenna Anderson on Unsplash

Was driving early in the morning to shoot a wedding and saw this to my right. Had to pull over to capture it.


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