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Play Dates

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Play Dates


We should have

a good weekend.  We

deserve it.  Not everyone

will have one because

those will work

to keep the power

on and

other things.  So

there’s the possibility

for rest and joy in

good and homely things.

We should permit

Our gratitude.  Happy

Saturday and Sunday,

friend.  If

not free, then

when you have

a long break later on.


C L Couch



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Unbroken Surprise

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Unbroken Surprise


I’d like to offer prayer

Of thanksgiving

For I have received

Good help

I can question how deserving

But I got it, anyway


In the moment,

Certain things let go:

Doubt, worth,


People give, and I receive

Not that I haven’t helped before


But here is the receiving side:

Thankful, relieved

Not burden-free

But bearing less

Than before


All this to say thank you

To both sides of prayer

The givers

And this time

The one who has so gladly taken


C L Couch



National Day Fireworks

Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

Perros-Guirec, France


Stuff of Life

Stuff of Life


I should say something about love

Because I know

Nothing special

You can read the book as well as I

Write in the margins

Receive advice from those

Who live it closer

It’s not a single set

There are swords as well as feathers

Lions and sheep

Living near each other off the page

In a vision manifest

Somewhere for real


For now, nature’s what it is

While we borrow from it flesh and blood and bone

Muscles protecting organs

That will work on and off for a while

Is there love in this?

I think so

Gifts of Earth

Set in motion long ago

With us, we with it, for a time

And we hope longer


An existentialist should have her way

This moment, this now

We can count on this

Live on it

Not for wages

But for the working of those organs

As the gift of now

Unbroken moment without contract

Though gratitude would be appropriate

And spices all the rest


C L Couch



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A Call to Worship

A Call to Worship

(could be read antiphonally)


We might not have thanked you

Recently for capillaries,

For all the things we cannot see

That keep us going, anyway:


The roots of trees


The tunnels through which

Things creep, which break

Up the land

To keep it porous


The ozone layer,

Hard to breathe;

The relationship between the

Earth and moon;

The soles of our feet,

When we’re wearing shoes


For what gratitude might look like,

If we could hold it in our hands

Like cupped water from

A faucet;

For the pipes set to reach the source

And for the source


For hydrogen and oxygen

That come together,

Making a miracle

Of molecules


Thank you for the easy and the difficult,

For everything that mixes up

To make our lives

And what we’re gifted with



C L Couch



Photo by Lorenzo Spoleti on Unsplash

Patmos, Greece


Odd Gratitude

Odd Gratitude


The weight is in my eyes

Just over my lungs

Inside the muscles

Pressing on the bones

Everything moves, anyway

Fingers, hands

Knees stretch

I blink, swallow, turn my neck

To see what’s what


The day’s ahead, and I’m


Surprised?  Shouldn’t be

Life is nearly always worth it

And always, really

There’s torture in the world,

Which must challenge the price

To pay


But this is being tired

Really tired

And there’s pain

Though not enough

To wreck the odds

Of there being maybe many

Good things ahead


C L Couch



Gratitude Stones


Ode to Small Things

Ode to Small Things


The toast has jumped

Thank you, toast and toaster

Those who made you


Those who made you


Let’s have an ode to

Every small thing that’s good


Lids that unscrew

Peanut butter

George Washington Carver’s inventions,

The ones that were never made


You and me

And each one of us,

Small upon the planet

Large in worth

And skill

And gratitude

For being made

And someone of us who

Might fix everything


C L Couch


Psalm 4, a small song of gratitude

Psalm 4
a small song of gratitude

thank you, Lord, and I mean that
this is not hiding or prevaricating

but truth and openness of spirit

I can despair over illnesses and
news broadcasts, matters of
danger at home and away
far away and in myself

leaders cause too much truth
to die, so do other sellers of
our souls—thankfully, not
all who lead or sell

but the world is a twisted
place, and some like that too much

yet, still, I find myself in a
place of paradox with you
for you must teach me how to thank
and then accept my gratitude

as original and honest, and it is

thank you, Lord, and I mean that

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