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If Music Be

If Music Be


The life of a conductor

Intensity in perfect clothes

The privilege of


A reason for performance


I used to attend

I used to direct

I enjoyed the motion

In the rhythm of the spheres


So what shall we do

Have a romantic ending

After a crisis of crescendo

A denouement that tells us that

The story’s over

Soon will be time to go home


I think that sounds right

Let the music take us


The passages

The energy

The final resolutions

Then, you know,

The end


C L Couch

image there without specific credit but a good story about Bernstein and legacy


L is for Lyric

L is for Lyric


Will you sing with me?

If I start,

If you start,

Shall we sing together?


The earth spins off harmony,

A jubilance of sparks—


In the mind


Our words become song

And, while orbiting,

An invitation:


Into our creating cups,


Liquid inspiration


Not for drinking but for


Music becoming

Current  in the cosmos

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Heart v Mind

Heart v Mind

a divorce decree



heart and mind

can’t get along


but must reside

next door one

the other


the body the

home must

remain neutral


ground in

cellular space

distinct unless


the distance

might be closed

under new



maybe new




new mutual

deference of


natural and

reasonable law


that all is not

an eye (Saint

Paul) and


Become quality

If two commit

To harmony

Diversity in



From synapse

Twined with




Whereas thus

And so



inspired by Rosema, A Reading Writer,

Psalm 24, a song of in-between

Psalm 24
a song of in-between

What do we do on an in-between
Day? How might we please
You, Lord, on this kind of day?

If we do small things—speak
More softly and with civility
To those we know and those
Whom we encounter;

If we see the grey wash of
Sky and appreciate that it
Is not a sky of harsher conflict;

If we enjoy the colors, textures
That we have (even awash) and
Simple meals within our means

To have three times—post-dawn,
At midday, and again in twilight;

If we choose to look at harmony
And listen to the view—if

We accomplish these diminutive
Tasks, maybe without thinking,
Might we still please you? We

Do hope so and so we pledge,
Even if all around us is
An indifferent age

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