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Prayers for Alan Alexander

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Prayers for Alan Alexander


Yesterday was A. A. Milne’s birthday

I didn’t know

And didn’t learn

Before posting time

(which sounds like horses

on the track

sorry, horses)

Anyway and, oh, bother

For not knowing


Nothing new to pray for

Regarding supplication,

I suppose,

Except that A. A. be welcomed

Into heaven

And his boy who died some years

After and for us

Some years


And that both and all

Go on to play in

The Hundred Acre Wood

Until it’s time for honey

Then rest upon the bridge,

Followed by

Trudging up the stairs

To bed


C L Couch



Sunset in the forest.

Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash



At the Table

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At the Table


This is Tuesday

I hope this is

Will be

Or has been

A good Tuesday for you

(or across the world

might have been will be)

Even splendid

You are entitled

One of nearly eight billion


Your choices, well, that’s

Up to you

And not a matter for

Anything not like a tribunal


If you are a despot, stop it

If you are a lousy neighbor,

Be a better one

But while the sun is out

(and when the moon is out

and that bemusing time

of dusk or dawn)

Take in free breaths

Let them out with gladness

And, dare I say,


For sometimes it is an easy Earth

When and where it’s not

Good breathing’s still required

With assistance added,

When needed


And, by the way,

Honey gets in everything

At table

I’m sure there are tricks

The bees know

Maybe through their knees


C L Couch



orange gradient fluid art

Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash


Pooh and Paddington Meet at Victoria Station

Pooh and Paddington Meet at Victoria Station


I thought this was a place as good as any

We could have picked, ah, you know, Paddington

You have a station named for you?

No, you see, it’s where I was found

Oh, yes, I was once found—then I got lost again

Oh, I’m sorry

Yes, well, I was on my way to Paddington to meet a friend

To Paddington?

Or was it on the way to Friend to meet a Paddington?

Yes, well, shall we have tea?

Would you like to share some tea and honey?

Oh, yes, very much

Good, I’ll take the honey, thank you


C L Couch



Two Bears drinking fountain, Kensington Gardens

By, CC BY 2.0,


Mister Sanders Speaks

Mister Sanders Speaks


I may not know much

But I can wonder

Why the sky is blue

And my balloon is green

And will I reach the tree

With all the honey


Why there is a name on my home

Of someone I don’t know

Who counted out

The hundred acres of our wood

And why does Piglet

Help me in all the plans I make

Despite the fact that

I am of small brain


He is so good, my human friend

He could come by more often

Maybe find a way to keep

The tail on the donkey

So that we could

Hunt the Heffalump

And play

And find more honey


And better still,

Eat more honey


Christopher Robin Couch



EllenChan / 1110 images



Thee Bee of Mee, inspired by a typo

Thee Bee of Mee
inspired by a typo

Tut-tut rain, Christopher Robin
Says because he wants to fool the
Bees into distraction so that his
Mud-cloud bear might swipe honey

From their tree; the bear so-loved
Is grasping a balloon, and bear
And balloon are lifted up toward
A relished but unplanned

Reward of something sweet and
Lasting ‘til the next time the bear
Wants honey—I love the stories
And was named for the bear’s
Boy, who also went down to

The palace with Alice

Of A A Milne—life by
Christopher Robin
And by me

Tut-tut rain, we say

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