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Passion Thursday

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Passion Thursday

(Maundy Thursday)



I am poor

I would love to be invited

To supper with Jesus

Because I’m hungry

And sometimes I am afraid

For food

I’m sorry

I want to hear the story

But all I can hear

Is on the inside, now

Maybe afterward

Or during

It’s rotten evangelism,

I guess,

On my part

Wanting the real food, first

Yes, there is a question

Of what’s real,

I’m certain

But feed with food, please,


Then I shall listen

To anything

Especially the truth

Sorry for the truth in

A yowling stomach,

In an actual meal



Who knows where they were

Or how many

What they ate,

If it was a meal of tradition

Or what was at hand

The way a meal is sometimes,

Checking our cupboards

And the refrigerator

Looking at the oven

Being hopeful

(hopeful people

hopeful oven)


Was Mary there?

Were any of the Marys there?

Not to serve but to take part

In equal parts

With the rest?


And why did Jesus call it new?

A new commandment

That was ancient,

Love one another

Exodus and Deuteronomy

Along with whose house

Shall we serve

And how


What might be new

To me

Was to call them friends

Upgrade from disciples


A loving term


Maybe the love of God

Between people and God

Was renewed

There was a person saying

You can know this God this way

You don’t have to wait

For the appointed time

The proper time

Is now


Along with chronos

Love God anytime

As if at table with you

All of you

Any of you


C L Couch



Photo by Hennie Stander on Unsplash


How We May Live

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How We May Live


It’s all right

We don’t have to agree

To have a family

Or a nation

The world is filled with

Variance of thought,

And opinions bleed

And stay still

Like colors

And affiliations

Of the rainbow


Democratic theory says

That you and I

May argue toward no

Solution or a change

Today or ever


And democratic practice is

Even better,

For you and I may feed the hungry

And encourage those

In all kinds of trouble, all

The same


We both and together

May fill bags

With sand along

The growling, killing river

As we (after washing) may

Dispense soup

To the rescued


This is how to live

With variation

And to live with variation

Active in

Needs that are subsuming—those

Of the hungry or the flooded or,

After fire, the singed


Arguing the other situations

When we may breathe

Again with clarity


Happy days


C L Couch



Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Cairns, Australia

Olive oil on water. “Immiscible 1”. The photo is called immiscible because oil and water don’t mix. The background colours come from a painting behind which is titled “Joy” and is itself bubble shapes like balloons of cheerful colours, where I have tried to express the emotion of joy in a painting, much like Mark Rothko.


Something Is Going to Happen

Something Is Going to Happen


Something pleasant

For a change

Something with a little spice

A little love

Things that try to set the tone

Are doing so by doling fear

Anger, hate

Too easy an agenda

Hiding other interests

While we’re distracted


Time for some calm

With which to see the emperor or wizard

I don’t mean CBD

Though that might be interesting

I was thinking maybe


And walks after

Feeding all types of needs

In consideration

And respect

Maybe we’ll find out that we like each other


And if not

We’ll have had the meal and the walk

Food and easy exercise

And did I mention who’s invited?

Everyone on Earth


C L Couch



photo by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash

rainbow snack on hot pan




(keep trying)


I’m sorry for the fire

Sorrier for all the hungry people

Were the lady to advise us

Though worship is important

Starving is not conducive


There is no medieval lumber

Tall enough to do the job

Of the first beams

That is fine, we can go with something

Like aluminum

That will not rust or

Easily catch fire (again)

But organic need cries out

Toward another kind

Of construction

Empty people

Feed us


What shall we say,

There are too many now

And now there will be many more?

Maybe we need to reach up

Further than vaulting

Ingenious plans

Already on the table

We have the means for everything

Tall churches, too

Because we won’t have Paris

Not all of us


What shall we have?

I think you know by now

Ages of temperament

And we are less impaired

Have garnered so much more

The answer in the


When we ask


You know it starts with will

You know everything worthwhile

Begins and ends with shall

Then will


C L Couch



Photo by TAN Erica on Unsplash


Early-Morning Nightmare

Early-Morning Nightmare

(journal, 31 January 2019)


I had a dream this morning that was difficult.

I was at a school I’ve been before.

There were people there,

but the overall feeling was impersonal and unfriendly.

I had finished with my errand there, and was looking for the car.


I was in an open staircase next,

up several stories and not enjoying the height.

Nearly down, I came upon a starving child.


The child was is real,

there were yellow sores,

the child looked at me.  I had nothing,

I walked by.

Then there were more children to see, near me and off toward the building.

All were seated cross-legged,

dark, small, open mouths, eyes—irises—covered over in viscera.

Gaping need.

Too weak for crying or much movement at all.

The children

sat and, as I neared,

looked at me.

I guess it was a nightmare.  Except

that there is such need in the world.

I am having breakfast now, continental-style.

Croissants and coffee.

How guilty should I feel?

I need to eat.  I need to drink and

for now can afford to have and make coffee.  Maybe

the children would like me to be starving, too, for company.

But I think the focus is on getting fed.


(now, drafting)

Their focus, tragically hard to say because they could not see, is on getting fed.


C L Couch



Photo: FMSC, Creative Commons BY 2.0


Taking Hunger Out of the Poverty Equation


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