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(x = space)






C. S. Lewis

My hand by

The computer light

Shadows with shadows,

I suppose

With something firmer

On the other side

That could be relied on

For an eternity

Something waiting

Something inspiring

An ideal

A world of ideals

That’s what we learned

In school

So what have we here?

Which world shimmers

For the other

Though we presume

The other world’s better?

What do we sense here?

What do we make?

What lasts?

We have our treasures

And we try to keep them

We use guards

We have alarms

Things might fade anyway

Or break

And we keep making

Stockpiling art

With care

In both kinds of caves

Like those who aren’t so well-

Obsessed with money

Or better

With a hope for all

The way we might stockpile food

And why not

Against the day

Except for exigent hunger

(there should be enough

for both)


Yet if they’re right

We’ll have it all again

Art and food

Anything of profit

By virtue,

Perfect there

And permanent

And with ourselves, perhaps,

Polished and redeemed

As on this side

We sometimes polish

Precious metal with

Satisfaction after

That self-effacing

Might be and become

A shimmering


Grand art, you see,

And easy,

Arduous science

For both


C L Couch



the verse alludes to Plato’s allegory of the cave


the title is a term that is a metaphor for mortal life


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About Some Light

(x = space)



About Some Light


It’s dark:

Light a candle

(It can be electric)

To know the darkness

In relationship,

Which is the way to know

Nearly all

Good things


Knowing things

In relationship


It can be electric,

Maybe a shock

But mostly learning,

Reflecting (hah) on



Currents through



C L Couch



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From Chairs

(x = space)



From Chairs


We look over,


Winter’s lower light



The invention of

The window



In viewing

An out-there when

In-here becomes

Too close,


Not enough to keep

Supernal us

From rush to and through

The stars

We know are out there, bearing

The truth

Of things



Especially when exigent

We hear

As well

The angels’ songs

For mortals


C L Couch



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The Necessary Shadow

(x = space)



The Necessary Shadow


If we

Turn toward light,

We’ll need some shade

Not the kind to throw

But that kind that is

Provided by

Glasses or

A hand over our eyes,

Better still by

Trees inspired by

Craters on the moon



The light might take us far

If our eyes will need contrast

Even shadows

Providing shapes

Familiar or strange

Along the way


I’m not sure that

This is death

When it might be something new

That will bring us home,


The end of an exhausting day

As at work

Or an amusement park


Light and darkness

Shape and shadow

Strenuous meditation

And there is such a thing


The quiet life is not

An easy one,

Given the world

And our natures

While listening

Is hard as well

And nothing automatic


Listen for the litany,

Expression and response

Between root and branch,

Wing and song

Listen for the turn of

Earth and the stretching

Of the band with

Its own satellite


We are part of all this interaction

The universe a living place

For us

Life in life

All loves excelling


C L Couch



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“Love Divine, All Loves Excelling,” a hymn


Dark Heart

Dark Heart


Light, bring me light!

It must be nice to call for it

A monarch

Then expect it

If I want light, I’ll have to get it

Not to complain

I have matches that strike on anything

And it’s one payment of my bills

That’s current

And now we have the bulbs

That light and last

That are expensive

That is a promise of investment in


As for what’s inside, I’m unsure what to say

We say or see each new idea

As a light

A symbol in a balloon

A cartoon moment without words

Light to curse the darkness

Say the Christophers

Because darkness isn’t always bad

We call them the Dark Ages

We called it the dark continent

Though that was agenda

And racism

The agenda of racism

Belief to form a profit

Over people

Maybe we do better with the heart of darkness

Maybe not

But that is the end of light at the horizon

The entrance of the Congo

And the human being

And who is the main character

If not the continent itself

That without restraint

(another sort of character)

Ruins each of us—

And whose restraint


C L Couch



Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad, 1899 serially in Blackwood’s Magazine, published (whole) with other stories in 1902


The mission of The Christophers is to encourage people of all ages, and from all walks of life, to use their God-given talents to make a positive difference in the world. The mission is best expressed in The Christophers’ motto: “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”


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And if there might be something brief

Through which some color, texture pique

Something that says, let’s hope awhile

Let’s take the light

Whate’er we can

Let fire our receptors to

Ignite incumbent senses and

Help those withal


We have our space and time

And time to find inside

And when we can no longer bear

The creature in the garden will return

To make it right

At last

With everything contracted in

First promises

First days


C L Couch



Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash

Driving through the tunnel, the lights alongside, guiding our path beckoned me.




(as a single word, a thing)


I’ve been learning

About this

I’m amateurish

But it seems that it’s a gift

Of fluidity

Against intractability of

What we take for

Metronomic living


I could take a trip

Come back still alive

Barely older

When the cure has been invented

And those on Earth might

Wonder how we

Lived so long without it

Then recall

By my spaceship evidence

We didn’t


Light bends

Takes its time around galactic clusters

Because it’s needed elsewhere

Later than the normal pace


Or maybe it’s a cosmic celebration

Of forlorn parts

That, folded,

May come back


You see, it’s faster and it’s slower

More wonders to be added

More paper in the capsule

More pencils by the cosmonauts

Who already learned

To write upside-down


Fear not

Schools will expand

Along with all the options

Requiring machines

To be stretched into curves

Reshaped into marvels

Potters know the way


Each moment will be new

A little chaos is good for everyone

And twisted into tapestry

So that everything

The cosmos and our lives

Is also home


C L Couch



Photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash

Calgary, Canada

Fairy Dust

I believe





A new way of thinking

That’s what we make

Well, we make the frame

The content of new thinking

Is up to you

Which I mean in the best way possible

Fantastic responsibility

To move yourself

And your people



Maybe help with the first of these

So many layers added al the time


There was gray light

And I turned it on, and the lamp

The bulb

Changed light to gold

Like Rumpelstiltskin’s straw


It might rain

It might be on the way

We’ve had some downpours recently

But the forecaster says that

Our water table’s low


Good time for participation

For new things to fall

To wash the world some

Offering nourishment to the ground

And those who live upon it


It means grayness continues

Though we can have better light against

The darkness

Through craft

And letting go the work


C L Couch



Image by Raheel Shakeel from Pixabay


Lent 11

Lent 11


It’s easy to feel pent up,

If not overwhelmed


Our world tells us to keep moving

And that’s fine


But if the wisdom-writer’s right,

Then there is a time for all things


In that, a time to let all

Movement happen all around


While we savor what there is

Or step out


Because it’s also time for

Taking up what is close by


Just behind the shoulder

And it goes unnoticed, even when


It presses from wherever

Time to look again


To hear

To touch


To taste

To smell


To pick up and take in

Like a newfound work of art


That otherwise might have only lived in dust,

Which is not living at all,


Lost to light

But now


Like this (dusted off),

We can


Enter into

A tasking of illumination


C L Couch



Adamantios – Own work

Attic (aka garret, loft or sky parlor) in Berlin, Germany.

(symbolism unplanned—synchronicitous?)


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