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Creation’s green

And blue and yellow

And by extension

Brown the tree

And gray in shadow

Black the city street

Red the bricks across

Silver steel

On buildings, too

I’m not sure what to say

About the color glass

No colors

Or all


C L Couch



Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash

Treasure Island Flea Market, San Francisco, United States





I know the children

And I know the children die

It happens every day

All the time

In real fires and in our strategies

Denying food

Denying safety

Denying home


Do we turn away to say

Not mine

Or do we look at it

To say

All ours


C L Couch


Meet You at G20

Meet You at G20


“gaps of trust”

which I first read as “gaps of dust”

USA and Russia

Obama and Putin


we cannot see each other

for gaps of dust

which might be all that’s left

if we don’t see better


look harder

for the truth of us


C L Couch



(who we are, materially)


I look away

Not always with my eyes

And I think


I cannot see my thought

I cannot see yours

Though I might fancy

In the expression of your

Eyes, your face, your

Body lines


That I know something about

What’s going on inside

Of you


And if you want something

(Hopefully good) from



And I can become

Frustrated knowing that the

Container of my thoughts

Is simply this body

Nothing more


How do we get together

How do I get myself

Over to you


Maybe I don’t

At least not for now

Somehow electric thought

Remains inside flesh

And form, which

Move if my synapses

Are moving


For the better day

When we can do better

Than this to have,

To hold each other

Psalm 15, a song of youth

Psalm 15
a song of youth

I am young
I have strength
But not enough ideas

I am not stupid
I am normal, speaking to
A median

I learn, I grow
There is much I
Need to figure out

I often don’t know how to
Ask for help, though it’s
Natural that I need it

If I ask, will
You hear me?

Can you see me
Look through my
Fears I sometimes
Mask with

Something hard or difficult?

Listen to me, please

Hear us
Even when we don’t know
How to ask

We are young, after all
We usually like the edge of it
Though sometimes we fall

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