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Turn Around

Turn Around


This is sweeter than

I’d thought

(what I’m eating)

The day is still and white

But, look, the branches move

The movie is better

Than remembered

When leaning back,

The pillow touches the right place

From where

It had fallen

A surprise

Many small surprises

In this day

The day itself

A gift

From no one in particular

That is the disguise

Faith in costume

Grace behind a mask


It seems

We can’t have it any other way


C L Couch



United Nations COVID-19 Response


Physical distancing. Image created by Samuel Rodriguez. Submitted for United Nations Global Call Out to Creatives – help stop the spread of COVID-19.


Witchening Hour

Witchening Hour


When it’s the midnight hour

On Hallowe’en

Nothing, it’s simply the start of

Another hour

I want witches to appear

And magic manifest

Strange lights and an open doorway

Never there before

An hour for the ghosts to dance

While all of us in costume now


The thinness torn

Between two worlds

Maybe mortal folk can

Sashay with the eldritch


The thing is that

It might not be terrifying

Simply extraordinary

Occult as in unknown alone

Conjuring an honest gathering

For all of us

To bear an hour


C L Couch



Image by joseph_Berardi from Pixabay


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