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My mother came home from the hospital today,

and I can’t handle the numbness from

exhaustion.  She has the disease, and it’s going

to kill her, but I can’t help but wonder (bad

son) about my role in this.  I try to cause three

meals a day to happen and earn enough outside

to pay some bills.  My father has proved useless.

I guess no one is surprised, though every now

and then I hope.


C L Couch



Robert Gramner

Just a lost key by a popular running trail.



Ode to Small Things

Ode to Small Things


The toast has jumped

Thank you, toast and toaster

Those who made you


Those who made you


Let’s have an ode to

Every small thing that’s good


Lids that unscrew

Peanut butter

George Washington Carver’s inventions,

The ones that were never made


You and me

And each one of us,

Small upon the planet

Large in worth

And skill

And gratitude

For being made

And someone of us who

Might fix everything


C L Couch


By Halves

By Halves


When we are revealed

In diaspora

When we are outcast

Of Earth


When all we have is gone

Used up to stay alive


When there is nothing more than

Scant hope, threadbare-blown


Then we might turn to each other

In remembrance

Of promises we never


Wishing we could know each

Other now


C L Couch




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