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Passion Thursday

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Passion Thursday

(Maundy Thursday)



I am poor

I would love to be invited

To supper with Jesus

Because I’m hungry

And sometimes I am afraid

For food

I’m sorry

I want to hear the story

But all I can hear

Is on the inside, now

Maybe afterward

Or during

It’s rotten evangelism,

I guess,

On my part

Wanting the real food, first

Yes, there is a question

Of what’s real,

I’m certain

But feed with food, please,


Then I shall listen

To anything

Especially the truth

Sorry for the truth in

A yowling stomach,

In an actual meal



Who knows where they were

Or how many

What they ate,

If it was a meal of tradition

Or what was at hand

The way a meal is sometimes,

Checking our cupboards

And the refrigerator

Looking at the oven

Being hopeful

(hopeful people

hopeful oven)


Was Mary there?

Were any of the Marys there?

Not to serve but to take part

In equal parts

With the rest?


And why did Jesus call it new?

A new commandment

That was ancient,

Love one another

Exodus and Deuteronomy

Along with whose house

Shall we serve

And how


What might be new

To me

Was to call them friends

Upgrade from disciples


A loving term


Maybe the love of God

Between people and God

Was renewed

There was a person saying

You can know this God this way

You don’t have to wait

For the appointed time

The proper time

Is now


Along with chronos

Love God anytime

As if at table with you

All of you

Any of you


C L Couch



Photo by Hennie Stander on Unsplash





Food brings us together

I hear someone talking about

This on TV

I’m sure it’s true

Though I have experienced very little

Of it

There’s always tension at the table,

Over the food, convicted in

The conversation

Maybe less in a restaurant, which

Might be the answer

Or to be Italian

Or Mexican

I’ve had great meals with both groups

As families

Welcomed as a demonym

And if there wasn’t joie de vivre

(maybe I should be French)

Then what were we doing here?

We could take pills

And concentrate on something else

Life on Mars

Eating alone,

Each in a room


C L Couch



Photo by Piseth Yun on Unsplash


Maundy, Maundy

Maundy, Maundy


They had a loving supper

We know, because Jesus said to

Love each other

Many will have the same in remembrance

This night

Jews have a special supper sometimes near

This time


The importance of meals

As a bachelor, sometimes I don’t appreciate

The value

Of the family with friends or guests

Sharing food and drink

The nourishment from company

And if it’s too much, well, it’s always over


More things will happen later on

Jesus will be arrested,

Sent to trial and to torture

Those who ate with him will scatter

Except the women and two men,

One of them who’s steadfast,

The other man who at the fire says

He never knew the one

Taken away


So the greater hope is in the women

Watch what follows in the next few days


Let’s have this meal

Because and regardless of tradition

It’s important

That we dine together


C L Couch



Photo by Sandro Gonzalez on Unsplash

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Holy Communion


Holey Week 5





Something wonderful about Shabbat

Is that it’s usually a meal

The empty chair is for the prophet

Otherwise, the seats are full

Sullen children, indifferent older

Everyone has an agenda outside the room

But here the plates are full

There are prayers,

And we drink some wine


Where the holy rests

Inside the food or in the human heart

Isn’t clear,

And that’s intention


C L Couch



Photo of 6-braid whole-wheat challah in the process of being shaped for baking.

Yoninah, CC BY 2.5,


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