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There’s something more

It’s here

Inside the pale blue

Between the yellow light

And the branch’s skin

There is green, too,

Dark in the shadow


We can make it human

I suppose we always do

But there is another planet here,

A world whose talk

Is in the leaves

Whose senses know the light

And every color

Every texture,

Each thing that moves so that

Another thing might live—

It’s all cooperation


Learn from this

Don’t make it human yet;

It’s intimate already

It’s conscious because energy

Has wisdom

And gravity a story


The tree is a tale that moves

And also waits

So much to tell

More so than mute artifice

We should know this

And as we don’t


So wait!

All things are here

Enough for life, because it’s life

A history if

We could pull the sunbeams from the

Earth to read

We can’t for now


So listen, please

With all concrete senses

Best that we can do—

Please, listen

To the story that could save us

Every day,

If we don’t destroy

The binding and

The pages

Let ink run as blood from entropy,

Our self-made ruin

Of whole things,

Run into empty land

And lifeless water


Reclaimed by

An angry universe

Having expected

So much more

With all that had been given

Every word in nature


No wonder why

The angel kept, outside

Of paradise,

A flaming sword

Pressed by what’s inside

Ignited by protection of what’s true,

True stories, more

Than what we wrote

And what we wrote that we forget


Still having a last chance to hear

To receive

If only by the gateway,

A last chance to learn


C L Couch



Photo by Erico Marcelino on Unsplash

The Wanaka Tree, New Zealand


Mis’ess Claus Testifies

Mis’ess Claus Testifies

(spelled out via T. Hardy et al)


Christmas got away from me

I still believe

You know who must be killing it?

The corrugated companies

It’s an expression, and I wonder

Please say you’re recycling

In some places, it is Boxing Day

In Sydney, that means kangaroos punching—


There will be boxes

There should have been enough


But receiving needs receiving

And in too many places

There was nothing

So as tradition and sense tells, give

More than that,

Give more

There are still too many dreams

That should have something


C L Couch



Photo by Vince Gx on Unsplash

Pyramiden, Svalbard et Jan Mayen

Factory in the Arctic


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