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A Kindness

(x = space)



A Kindness

(Rosa Parks)


Because she was tired

And had enough

Of being tired

And the bus was not a charter

It was public transportation

She paid her money

Not a special fee

There was a seat

And she was tired

And had had enough

Of being tired


The kind of pain

Inside and out

And all she wants to do

It have it

Live it


The way

Anyone might bear

The pain

Of living


Though especially

The colored people

Colored brown

And paying for it

Without payment

In a place they did not sail to

Like Europeans

Who told the stories

Of their difficulties


(looking away)

About the holds beneath

In which the colored people

Had been pushed

And chained

And many of them


On a journey of abduction


Can you imagine

Starting out this way?

This is their legacy

So let her have the vinyl seat

That she had rented

For a while


Let her have the whole bus

A fleet of buses

Let the people ride for free

And charge admission

For the lighter folk,

Which might began

To pay her back

And all her people

Who had the worse luck

Like the Indians

Already living here


Everyone with un-pale skin

Who met the Europeans


Not me

I wasn’t there

The rejoinder

Fair enough

But you’re here now

We’re here

We’re all here


With small choices

And enormous ones

For how to live a country

Filled with all the colors


And minds

And souls


You know,

Sometimes we stand

To let the lady sit

Or someone older

Someone bearing burdens

Or simply to be kind

Call it

Chivalry aside,

We can live this way

Kindly and civilly


And for the first time


Might bring peace

(yes, there will be disgruntled)

On the bus

At the doorways

Going in

And going out


C L Couch



Photo by Peter Orsel on Unsplash

Intersection in the Middle of the Desert


Visit to a Third Planet

Visit to a Third Planet


Who’s hungry

Raise your hands

Now those of you who have

Extra food

There are millions of you

And we’ll take it one by one

Find an outstretched hand

Take hold

Place food in it

If need be, help with preparation

Then be pleased to sit

At the table


Anyone who’s cold

Millions of you with extra blankets

One by one, gently and firmly

Place them



Anyone who’s thirsty

Is a bigger deal

Because we keep poisoning the water

But for now there still is more

Pass it out in safe containers

To those for whom

Answering thirst is life


Who needs shelter

Millions of us know how to

Build roofs and walls

And bridges that will get

Each one security

To home


Now who’s lonely

Who’s afraid

Who needs countries that provide

They’re here

They can help


Can all the multitudes

Nations and people

Provide assistance

Well, we can

I think we know

That we can

We shall


C L Couch

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image (kindly) used with kind permission


Peace, Prevail

Peace, Prevail

(for the USA and all)


Red leaves on trees

Against the season’s

Bright blue sky,

Branches lightened in

Late-afternoon, autumn



Vision of nature

Hope for a nation


C L Couch




As some thinkers say,

Before the fall, when

Woman and man had

Concourse without

Guile or agenda save

For pleasure in animal-

Naming and simplicity

In delight, listening-

Awaiting sounds of

Perfect feet on Eden’s

Brilliant plain; and if

They’d proved a nation,

We would have had

Ourselves a world,

Replete, by all mortal-

Divine promises to own



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