Lent 25


It’s a paradox



This is a long time for slowing

Down, and yet

We must prepare for

Coming jubilation

There will be speed in that

The coming and the going

And the getting


And it’s spring


So what kind of spoil-sport

Must we be?

No kind, really

Work goes on

Of every kind

And there are families

And parochial festivities,

Which must be all right


So where is the season, then: where

Is our Lenten heart?

Well, in the heart, we say

Yes, it’s there

With other precious things we

Can recall—can reinvoke, if desired

(reorder to reorder)

Those times, those persons

Those happenings, those feelings


Then and now


We can keep the season

Let it work inside the mind

And maybe let it course

Through other organs


We can have Lenten lungs

A Lenten stomach

Pick something


We are so many parts to come

To know and to

Have everything done


C L Couch