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Planet Nine from Outer Space

Planet Nine from Outer Space

(the sequel)


It’s out there

Will we see it

Will we be looking back

Before it hits us from behind

I have a name for it


Because more wisdom should not hurt

Unless a planet can wage judgment

On another


It’s relative, I guess

If not ironic


We look for something new

In outer space

While on the inside

Do we hear the cry for

Something more

On Earth


A cousin to our planet

A source of helps and agencies

If willing

Maybe not,

To make us glad we’re not the only ones

Who can say

We’re here


C L Couch



By Tomruen, nagualdesign; background taken from File:ESO – Milky Way.jpg – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


X is for, well, X

X is for, well, X


ten in the Roman system


the unknown planet in

old sci-fi films and maybe

new astronomy


the name of the ray the

Curies made in life and

death that we might see

below the skin


first letter in in the name

of the Persian warrior

on the other side of



same with a saint (a

university), a musical

instrument, and the

musician named Cugat


and, yes, the name that

gave the X to comic

books, television, graphic

novels, and films


first letter (transliterated

from Aztec) for

Xochimilco, the floating

gardens of Mexico



which fed the center

of empire and now feeds

beauty for the city


first letter for a queen

who challenged Roman

might; her people

feared those from the

outside and for good,

tragic reason


her name became a

modern term, Xenobia

to xenophobia


it’s what we sometimes

use to correct; lefties

prefer it to writing a



it starts the sequence for

both genders


it is a shape


it’s what’s used when a

whole signature is not



mostly, though, we know

what it’s for: in song, in

verse, in story—and the

human heart—it is


a symbol for the searcher


X marks this, doesn’t it?

where the treasure lay

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