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Old Poodle Plays Elsewhere

Old Poodle Plays Elsewhere


His breed lives to ten

He made it to seventeen

Not by force of will

But by force of being silly

He didn’t know his job

Was to stay alive

He was simply having fun

Goofing around in mortality

Wanted what he wanted,

Which is what dogs want

Except he never asked

To be taken seriously

Maybe inside, there always was

A puppy brain


At last, the canine version

Of Charon must show up

Taking dog treats for a coin

And he will join Old Dachshund

In the field

That bears no blood

Though there’s hunting

Good sunlight

Where play and sleep have been



Here on Earth, there are empty

Cushions and certain corners

Remembering to take bowls up off

Floor and resist the urge

To fill them

Not to listen for a bark

Or nails upon hard surfaces

Or take all the licks he wasn’t

Supposed to give


Two more dogs for paradise

While we remain in our station

Good-bye, Old Poodle

Say hi to Dachshund for us

Enjoy all the things

You can enjoy again


C L Couch



Image by Katrina_S from Pixabay


God Is a, Sí, Dog

God Is a, Sí, Dog


God keep Schnitzel the

old poodle while he’s here

(the dog, that is).  He had

a brother who went first

and not so long ago.  Way

back when, the poodle jumped

out of the enclosure, too, and

so my sister took both dogs.

Weiner and Schnitzel (my

brother-in-law’s a chef who’s

funny, the kind of guy who

makes friends waiting for the

cashier in the store).  Old

Poodle’s had a good life,

I think, with a home and sunshine

when he wanted it.  Both dogs

used to sleep like Yin and

Yang ‘til they outgrew the beds.

Now Yin must wait for Yang

when all the dogs will play on

heaven’s lawn, fed and watered



C L Couch



Photo by Joe Caione on Unsplash




(Old Poodle)


I have Old Poodle still

He’s here

And at the moment he is resting

He often lets me turn him like

A ragdoll

Like an organism without bones

Not even wire


He’s cheerful

Likes to nip my hand when I give him


Will go outside happily enough

And with more gusto return

His eyes are dark and shiny circles

As they should be

Mister Stephen from Hard Times

Might be impressed


Every now and then however

He looks a little lost

Not as if he doesn’t know where he is

But rather that someone else

Should be here


At least something that was intrusive in

His universe is missing

And the lack of energy and mass

Is disorienting

It’s Old Dachshund

Who died some months ago


C L Couch



Public Domain (no image creator credited)


Old Dachshund

Old Dachshund

(a parting)


If I haven’t already told you,

Old Dachshund has died

He lived years beyond

The average for his breed

He was friendly and mischievous

(both, always)


He loved the life that rushed

Through his black nose shiny

(not unlike Rudolph’s red)

To the painter’s brush-tip of his tail

Consuming energies of no mean quantity

From his own exuding engine


Old Poodle persists

He wandered as if lost for a while

He can still jump a little

With an assist (admittedly)

So that he may join Mom and Dad on the sofa

When it’s time


It’s sad about Old Dachshund

We wonder how we will get on

We will


It will be long-going for a while

‘Bye for now, Old Dachshund

Co-maker of insistent verse


Sniffles, whines, and barks

That might invoke a muse

To bless the space irascibly, too

Around his little



C L Couch (png)



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