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A Prequel to Aeneid

A Prequel to Aeneid


I imagine I’m

On the porch of

An ancient Greek house

There are pillars all around

It’s a warm, airless day


And me, I’m doing this

I’m writing

Maybe I’m leaving something for

Posterity, because

By government or commerce

Speechifying’s more important


It could be a will

A source for disagreement

When I’m gone

Or mischief in an epic

Something afterward to leave around


For the future, maybe for a conqueror


In which I take the loser’s side

And change the tone of



C L Couch



Photo by Aubrey Rose Odom on Unsplash


Twilight of the Gods

Twilight of the Gods


Last night we sat out

On the porch

The heat of day upon us

A little lessened

One cat on the rail

(screens on the other side)

One cat stretched out upon the

Teak dining table,

The center of a set purchased after

A fire burned half of the house

A year and more ago


We watched lightning in the distance

I tried to count the miles

But didn’t hear anything

The storm must have been far away

The lightning cracked again in silence

Split that part of night

So far away


I had been reading of the death of Baldur

And now could wonder if he might

Be falling through the sky to Earth

Where we could mourn him, too

With all the gods and, yes, the giants

All the seasons of the year

All trees and even metals

Other elements, so says the storyteller


But Baldur went to Hel and hell

As the Norse configure these

My version cannot last

Though it made me sad enough

To wish more beauty, even slain

To Earth


C L Couch



Photo by Marc Clinton Labiano on Unsplash


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