I talk you talk we'll talk






After coffee

From a broken mug

(I broke the handle yesterday)

After texts

With my sister

(if the car is totaled, remove

the EZ Pass transponder, please)

After sleep

Broken like the mug

After anthropomorphizing

The computer

(the broken cup)

And everything


I have this

A modicum of time

To choose an ignorance of

A pressing world

Freedom that’s a cheat

A conceit

Is this the will that’s free?


I think it should be better,

More aware

Not through lidded eyes

Or lidded heart

Or half-closed anything


A mind in fact that tries to trap—

I can say wall—

Unpleasant things away



Might be valor on an open field

Before a battle

Honor, claims Falstaff

Is a body slain



Fair fat fool

(how I can relate)

What help providence?


A friend in inner mischief

Pushing distractions off

The field or a working table,

Even real and less-real things


So that we might go through it



After polishing the lenses

Until clarity

Becomes our friend again


A presence

Help us look not needing eyes

For everything inside,

Once ready


For everything inside,

We take chances


C L Couch



Image by Republica from Pixabay



Gracious Living

Gracious Living



A pretty word to use

To means that

Everything is covered with


The problem with high ceilings is

That they are out of reach

I don’t turn on the overheads

Because I don’t know how

To change the bulb up there

(how many English majors

does it take)

So I rely on table lamps

And a floor lamp I got for free

Because you get what you pay for

And it stopped working quite a

While ago with the local

Electric shop closing back then, too

(less than one, we’re changing

all the time)


Perceived, synchronous connections

But I moved in when I did

And to this place

With a high ceiling

Where I don’t go to change the light bulb

Incandescent, CFL, LED, or otherwise


The tall space helps with claustrophobia

That I didn’t have back then (one

too many visits to the hospital)

Maybe providence takes over for



The watchmaker’s watch

Still creatively involved

So that moments in time and

In all the choices

Are imbued with grace


C L Couch



Image by Johannes Wünsch from Pixabay


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