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Psalm 45, singing this song for you

Psalm 45

singing this song for you


I don’t mean to sing about the

Other, compelling as that value is


I don’t mean a covered-over me,

Secret subject I would rather

Talk about


I mean you, first—my friend,

Lover, maker, and my better


Half (so to say) except that you

Are all


Now, secondly, to you, who you

Are extended from the words


Were it not for you, there would

Be none of this


For all you are and what you are



The rest is not silence (should

Shakespeare wonder), not if

There’s Interacting


We are at this moment closer to

The one who, all-relating, started


The first process, requiring more

Than one

Psalm 44, a sleep-song

Psalm 44

a sleep-song


I nap and still am tired

Good, maybe I’ll sleep

Through the night

Napping was necessary

I was too sore and too


I could have stayed awake,

I guess,

Except I couldn’t


Will you still love me when

I’m gone away?

I mean, eventually I’ll

Be closer to you than

I was ever before,

Than I am now:


I like you and respect you

I seek to be near you

Is this ever enough to

Bring a dream of you

Or, dreamless, a

Long time of sleep

Because I’m loved


Throughout this night

That you have made?


I can hope so

Not because I’m smart

But because I’m yours

Psalm 43, miracle-song

Psalm 43



a miracle of unexpected grace


I paraphrase while reading a

line of text, which in fact ends



but maybe that is what miracle

is, unexpected science and

grace, an unplanned gift from



which we need so badly (or so



no judgment in receiving, who

is worthy (who is not), no more

than in evaluating the giver


something is saved, and that’s

what matters:


material of miracles making up

the rest

Psalm 42, song about who judges


Psalm 42

song about who judges


Lord, I hope

My enemies never

Have another good



Which is why

It’s good that I don’t

Judge with divine

Power but

Leave that up to



It’s your job

You do it perfectly

Psalm 41, steward’s song

Psalm 41

steward’s song


You are God

Female and male

You are king


I am servant

And for work

I am steward


We are bound

Guardians and



Whose lord

Returns one day

To take an



What was made

And shared


For what we’ve



Psalm 40, song about the mind of God

Psalm  40

song about the mind of God


Lord, we think we know

You—and we don’t


Otherwise, everything we

Do would be waged in


Psalm 39, a psalm of lament

Psalm 39

a psalm of lament


Why must we kill each

Other, Lord?  Why is

Cain more of an

Example than a single



Your word tells us to

Love; yet you have

Commanded war, I

Know—does war work

When you are its



We kill each other in

Small ways as well


In kindness withheld,

All respect scorned,

And in quotidian

Wounding that will not

Subside, such is our

Wayward will


And lack of empathy


Keep showing us the

Better way, O Lord


And when we must be

Brutal, let us yield

The field to your

Strategy and control

Psalm 38, a morning song

Psalm 38

a morning song


A normal day, at last

Blue sky and green leaves

The air is cool


Ablutions and then coffee

I sit here

Bird-song is low


Maybe birds are taking

Time to let this day

Herald itself


I sit here

With a cool current on

My back and liquid warmth


Close by: you give me

This peace, dear Lord

And my heart


Only begins, with what

Capacity it has,

To thank you

Psalm 37, a song of earthly rendering

Psalm 37

a song of earthly rendering


When news is so bad

Coupled with lack of opportunity

Everything is weighted down, dear Lord

I don’t know how to make it better

To see it better

To feel it better

Please, what shall I do

In past work, we see

That you are there

That you follow us through mountain passes

Over peaks

And in valleys so blinding in fog over the way

That we could be underneath earth as well as above


You bring us home, dear Lord

And are with us in safety

Or in peril

Calm our fears so that we might enjoy some relaxation in peace

Some soft moments in our day

Some mercy on the way


Let your justice prevail, O Lord, so much better than ours

May your help be plentiful

Your presence touchable

If only upon

The surface of our spirits

Because we can keep it dense and difficult

To allow you further in


Pardon me and be with me

Even when I am poor in realizing you

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