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rainy day

Play Day Stood in a Hundred-Acre Wood

Play Day Stood in a Hundred-Acre Wood


It’s a dark and rainy day

But Christopher Robin wants to play


If Pooh and Piglet can find a brolly

Then all will have fun, and all will be jolly


They shall have tea and toast and honey

Much more fun than pots of money


Then they’ll go home by Mister Sanders

Having good times from all their wanders


And England shall have a sunny day

When Christopher Robin will want to play


C L Couch

Christopher (Robin) Couch



Photo by Mary Sill on Unsplash






I don’t know what to say today

As our flood waters rise

The water’s in the wall so tall

I see the damage with my eyes


But I unlike the waif am safe

Though here or there’s a crack

I will not risk my life (a knife)

Here I’ll be should you come back


C L Couch



Photo by Herrmann Stamm on Unsplash


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