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Many Times Sing a Christmas Carol

Many Times Sing a Christmas Carol


There are so many renderings

Of A Christmas Carol


I have my favorites, Sim’s and

Finney’s (he’s my favorite

Poirot, too)—not simply done many

Times but rewritten:

Scrooge as a woman (only two times

That I know of), Marley as the lead,

Ballet, opera, one-person

Show, and shows of many other



It’s the happy ending, I suppose

Though it might be the theme

That is not Christmas (sorry) but



Maybe in art as in life, we all

Want to be saved


Christmas, by the way, comes off a

Character, almost the protagonist—for

If not the hero of a savior being born,

How could there be the rest?


I do want God to bless you, everyone


C L Couch



Photo by Shaouraav Shreshtha on Unsplash

Wishes and Bells


At 5 a.m., How and Why

At 5 a.m., How and Why



You are there

And I am here

The distance between us need

Be no more than a filament

The breadth of a capillary

A pulse between two nuclei

Or the space can be

The width of a world


That has more to do with me

Since no qualifying of divine will stands

Beyond the condition you placed upon yourself

For a savior


One who redeems as God and a person

Flesh molded with spirit

Majesty in ordinary undertaking

To teach, to heal, to live, to die in innocence

And then all will returns

In death defeated


It is a Christian way to know things

It might not be yours


But to God

I wonder how you stayed the angel

Who took the knife from Abram’s hand

But would keep it in the Roman plan

To hack a cross together

Display one who dies because

A decision was made

In Sanhedrin and handwashing

Not for justice but for status quo become murderous


Abraham was flawed, so was Noah

So was Sarah, so was Isaac, so was Miriam

Yet you made them whole

As all were knit together

Except your child

Who was you and yet was not excused from execution

Out of innocence


How do you mitigate your will

And maybe you never do

You allow yourself to bleed

Blood and water, liquids running life


You could have changed it all, and you didn’t

Change a thing

I am amazed and horrified

And would never lift my eyes again


You promise joy and peace

And whoever have I been to argue with you

I must be content


Allow for Easter

For greater pain unknown anywhere on Earth,

Which splits the universe

And renders understanding into splinters

Of crystalline grace

‘Til grace is all that’s left

With which you save


With which you drag us into heaven

From drowning in deep waters

Filled with tendrils from wary sources

Always ready, in fact plotting

To bring us down

Away from light

From one day into eternity


I don’t get it

I don’t have to

I am here

You are there

And here

Closer in than I shall ever be

My God


C L Couch



Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash



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