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Favoring Neighborly Respect

Favoring Neighborly Respect

(greetings with a sigh from USA)


We’re not all like Dwayne Wade

Canada is our neighbor, deserving

Of respect


And you are liked


There is enough to contend with


Fire, life of First Nations, economy,

And government—correlations in



Antics courtesy of the NBA are

Neither needed nor liked nor

Incumbent here


We are friends—maybe we will

Match our amity in action, as

We do in many things


But, as with national songs, a

Kinship should be lifted,

Celebrated, and served, O



The land of hope for all who toil,

The true North strong and free!


Thank you for forbearing,

From your friend

From Earth Above

From Earth Above
(homage to the title of
a book of wondrous
planetary imagery)

Ridges of Amazonian tress
Is there earth beneath? one
Might rightly wonder

It is an orange time of day,
And the beauty, like Diana,
Looks nowhere to be
Inviting seduction

For all technology, the
Machete is the better
Instrument for maybe
Finding one’s way through,
Searching for a lost city

This is the Science Channel,
And I am grateful to see,
To hear the photographic
Cinematic semblance of
The truth of this:

This place, hidden living
Communities, and quest

For those who can go
There (I have limitations),
I wish safety and exploring
With all respect

Which is deserved at far
Corners of the treasured

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