I talk you talk we'll talk




(x = space)




(for friends)


You know,

I write several things

A day

And then choose

One of them

Some days I only write

One thing

And I use that

I tell myself that if there’s

Nothing, then I won’t

Have anything

To share

And that has to be

All right

Occasionally, that happens

Not so often

If I have access to my

Small machines

Among them the device



I say this because

This is where I am today

Not quite Pooh Corner

I admit

I cannot do everything

I want and like the apostle

Sometimes I do

The thing I hate

Though I think it’s more

That I don’t do

The thing I want

Even love

To do


I could ask

Where is the energy

Of youth, that

Sweet bird,

Though I think we know

That energy is finite

Like the push-pull


And that we always tire

So we

Run the race we can

Then rest


I know

You’re at the

Starting line

With me each day

I want to be with you

We go

And if we’re smart

We’ll rest

When there’s been enough

Join me today

Won’t you

In the race

That for us

Is cosmic laced,

Spiced, intertwined

With spirit

(or have spirit

laced with cosmic

thinking the spirit understands

either way)

The cosmic race

The spirit race

The human race


C L Couch



Isaac Newton Telescope on La Palma in the evening light

Photo by Frantisek Duris on Unsplash

Roque de los Muchachos, Spain


Romans 7:14-15

(Hebrews 12:1 et al)


Counting Days

(x = space)



Counting Days

(days that count in pandemic time)


You know, folks

Have a good weekend

I know there are fires

I know that in my land

The President is sick

So somewhere there are those

Discussing the Twenty-Fifth

While I imagine

He will act as if he’s tougher than disease,

Though he is not


But we need to live

And it’s Friday afternoon

I will stop counting days

When I no longer lose

My way

            If you told me it were


            I’d be inclined

            To believe it

This should be,

As I say,

The year of doing nothing

What we need for life

Yes, fighting the fires

And retraining other violence

From nature, then,

And tragically

Of our design


Otherwise, it should be

Science and care

Support the end of the disease

And watch out for each other

In the mean time,

Such watching out meaning

We’re busy

Feeding, sheltering,

And yes occupying

Each other


It’s Friday afternoon

(I’m pretty sure)

Have a good weekend

Pray for the President

Pray harder

For citizens who

Did not ask for this

Pray for you

Pray for me

Praying for our aching world

Pray for peace in nature

And our designs


C L Couch



Photo by Keyvan Mansouri on Unsplash





Resting is a process

When we’re not exhausted

So that sleep is something like


(we might as well have fainted)

Spiritual rest, more so

A process, and there are

Some truly mortal things

We can do


Do you have a favorite place?

Something you like to drink

That will enhance

(not abrogate) the experience?

Like violins singing beneath

The piano solo,

Can you wear something comfortable

Or comfortably?

And here it is,

Will you give yourself some time?


By doctrine, it’s a whole day

But take what you will give

Half a day, an hour

Twenty minutes, five

Do you need a prescription?

Get someone to write you one

Better yet, write it



Read something, then and there

Write something

Pray something

Or do next to nothing

But be present

In the moment, as de Caussade

Has recommended

Think things

Feel things through

Decide something, if you must

Though you don’t have to

And it might be better

If you don’t



Reach out to someone else

Especially, if you took help

To make sabbath happen

Didn’t I mention getting help?

Well, feel free

Always feel free


C L Couch



(The Sacrament of the Present Moment by Jean-Pierre de Caussade)


Photo by Matthew Angus on Unsplash

Jerusalem, Israel

Devotion in prayer.


A Cool, Dark, Quiet Place

A Cool, Dark, Quiet Place


For optimal sleep, this is the

Room we need, certain

Voices say, though I think the sense

In it (in that) might be apparent

To reach out to the left or right

Then bring it in

Like muscles with a game ball


Lights out maybe with a care toward

Preplanning disorientation

From lack of light

We’ll need something soft, too, for

Our belly or our hip or our butt

Plus something for our head

Resting to the side or back or somehow with

The face pressed down


The coolness comes from moving air

Though climate control has become a

Denser thing, inside


As for quiet, we are on a noisy planet

Where some think noise is just for them

And could it harm the rest of us?

Let’s not think about that

In our cars,

On top of our neighbors

(I’m not bitter)


Cool, dark, quiet

And we sleep

I tend to think we figure

Other things might go that way—

Sex and, yes, well, rock ‘n roll

The play when that’s the thing

Our time in movie houses

Maybe for some exercise of other

Sorts, a walk at night, escorted,

Maybe in the rain


So I think we should vote for this

Approve efforts to make it happen

Good night to you

God keep you

God buy you



C L Couch



Photo by Ryan Searle on Unsplash

Heal’s, London, United Kingdom


Fourth Protocol

Fourth Protocol

(counting commandments from Exodus 20:3)


Remember the sabbath

Whenever you remember it

Some can’t have it on a Sunday

Some will have it on a Friday

Some will let it change according to

Third shift

Or when the sirens scream


If it shifts

If it is the same

Whenever it must be

According to the current schedule

It is a time


(even if it weren’t directed)

For if God must rest

So much more

Must we


C L Couch



Photo by Yunming Wang on Unsplash


T Time

T Time


Broken leaves are on the way

To atomized

The shield of fall is broken in with


It’s always a time of change

Don’t we know that?


I like my rituals

And of one kind or another

Know we need them


But retrograde is for the Earth

In winter’s northern


We can’t live angling back

We’ll only know eternity ahead

It’s our way

Don’t like it, take it up with God

If, tremulous, you can ask about the manners

In creation


Motion lives

Rest, that’s important

Forward, then, is not that way

But this


C L Couch



By 松岡明芳 – 松岡明芳, CC BY 3.0,





a simple, loving act

intimacy fulfilled

in that we rest



C L Couch


Word-High July: Welcome!

Maria of Doodles and Scribbles and I [that’s Rosema at rosemawrites] are more than excited to read your takes on the 30 Beautiful Filipino Words.

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HOP ON and let’s all GET WORD-HIGH this JULY!

the day after


a poem that’s not an assignment
I can write anything I want
so can you

a kind of sabbath day, I guess
I do enjoy, regardless of formality, a day of
rest and easier reflection

I like this time when expectations are few
though that’s foolishness, because there’s always
much to do

but sabbath, personal or by tradition, gives us
a rest, a chance to think new things
to take life section by section

look at each, put it down after enjoying the texture
of each piece of living and the affects
of prior choice

and give new voice
to decide anew
after rest is due

our way

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