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Kitchen Sink Ritual

Kitchen Sink Ritual


I turn on the hot water

And am thankful

I leave it on

Then wash some dishes

It gets hot

I leave it there

I hadn’t thought about it

Until a friend came up to dry

And told me how hot I

Let the water run

I trust his opinions

Maybe it’s masochistic

Scalding demons

Cleaning out the sins

Ersatz baptism


C L Couch



Photo by Florencia Potter on Unsplash

Buenos Aires, Argentina






How I make the coffee

Special spoon and all

How I keep the heel of the bread

Until it’s next to last for a

Treat of butter and honey

How I read with glasses

And a bookmark,

Set and ready

How I start the car

And how I turn it off

Nothing takes more time


It’s simply in a pattern

Not for memory

Or recall,

A way to think on what I have

And how it was made at first

And by whom


We’d call it sacramentalize, I guess

To have a name,

A verb

To keep it active, keep it fresh


From time to time, these actions might

Remind me

Of church

And what used to happen there


C L Couch



psyberartist – church ruin, CC BY 2.0,





I hope you have a really good day

I’m not sure, I imagine it’s

A special day somewhere

Someone is having an honored time

Something that’s been done before

And should be done again


Some might say we’ll get it right next time

Others not so worked up with perfection

Look at all the nothing we don’t have

But it sure is good

That we’ll all here together


Is that the meaning in the ritual?

We do it together

And in less formal time

We talk about it afterward


Until the next occasion it might, or must, happen


And anew


It may sound an invitation to

All dullness

Even with some innovation

As things evolve

Sometimes it’s rechercher du temps perdu

But like an actor’s good performance

A freshness is deserved each time

Even stepping back


So that remembrance is sweet

And so are you

And so, for a change, am I


C L Couch



By Chenspec – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


(“Sonnet 30,” William Shakespeare

À la Rechercher du Temps Perdu, Marcel Proust)


T Time

T Time


Broken leaves are on the way

To atomized

The shield of fall is broken in with


It’s always a time of change

Don’t we know that?


I like my rituals

And of one kind or another

Know we need them


But retrograde is for the Earth

In winter’s northern


We can’t live angling back

We’ll only know eternity ahead

It’s our way

Don’t like it, take it up with God

If, tremulous, you can ask about the manners

In creation


Motion lives

Rest, that’s important

Forward, then, is not that way

But this


C L Couch



By 松岡明芳 – 松岡明芳, CC BY 3.0,


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