Rock of Ages


I like to sit in motion

Testing those first laws, I guess

Maybe I look daft

I need a rocker

I like a rocking chair

Why must it be

A symbol of old age

And life that’s done

As if there will be no more


Grandma in her rocker

We keep them in a corner

Far from our lines of energy

Grandpa gets quieter and quieter

Should someone check on him


And what goes on inside the brain

Of she or he who moves in tilts

Against a creeping stillness

That finally takes over


Oh, there’s so much more

Don’t doubt it

Don’t let the lethargy

Of cooking and counting

Take you over

Go to the chair

Slide another to it

Join in the conversation

And all that gifts bestow

That will not open without you


C L Couch



By George W. Ackerman – The Progressive Farmer, Public Domain,