R is for Rose

(requiring parenthetic subtlety)


Cloak filled with roses

Emblems of a miracle

At Guadalupe (in

Spanish, the e would

Get some emphasis)


Roses are a metaphor

For, as Catholics call

Her. the Mother of

God, met by sainted

(Both ways) faithful

Cuauhtlatoatzin (in

Aztec—try it as it

Sounds) outside of

Town, not recognizing


Her but treating her

With all respect, as

Women (and good

Men) are due, before

She was revealed


Mary is a rose, so is

Solomon when

Speaking of his love


I am the rose of

Sharon, having more

To say of savor for

The lover’s taste


Passion is a rose,

Though shades can

Change things (red is

For, white is for,

Yellow and purple

Have their meanings,



And if a pop-culture

Color is preferred,

There’s Abby-black)


So, G. Stein, a rose

May not be a rose,

For discretion might

Be required and

Context for the next

Trip to the florist



(at present in USA, an orange rose is symbol for healthy birth by Every Mother Counts, http://www.everymothercounts.org/)





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